Copps Industries is a leading provider of sustainable, superior-quality industrial epoxies. We have been successfully designing and manufacturing resins since 1979, and we draw on this expertise to formulate the optimum product for every one of our 400+ customers. These customers span industries including civil engineering, mining, electronics, and structural adhesives, and we offer over 500 diverse active products to meet their needs.

Copps is driven not only by committed customer service but also our commitment to the environment. We have taken extensive steps to reformulate and redesign products to remove potentially harmful ingredients and ensure our operations are sustainable. This all stems from our core value: finding the better solution. If your project requires a commercial or industrial epoxy resin, you can trust our team to find the best solution for you, your clients, and the planet.

What Is High-Temperature Epoxy Resin?

Epoxy resins are durable, versatile bonding adhesives preferred for many construction and industrial applications. Their chemical composition can be altered to provide a range of viscosities, abrasion resistance, and other characteristics, allowing them to be used in many different environments.

Part of epoxy resin’s versatility comes from its properties. These adhesives offer excellent mechanical and fatigue strength along with resistance to moisture, chemicals, and impact, letting them last for a long time with minimal maintenance. They also bond to many materials, including metals and plastics, and shrink little during the curing process.

In industrial and commercial settings, epoxy resins are especially valuable for protecting high-temp and high-wear components in-service, or for repairing faults in critical structural foundations. Some components that are often protected or repaired with epoxy resins include:

  • Pipes
  • Housings and casings
  • Electrical panels
  • Sensors
  • Circuit boards
  • Engine components
  • Chutes
  • Pulverizes

Industries That Use High-Temperature Epoxy

High-temp epoxy is intended to resist temperatures of up to 500° F, making it ideal for industries with heat-sensitive applications. High-temperature metal epoxy is available for metal components, with heat-resistant epoxies applicable for plastics, glass, and ceramics, as well. Electronics, transportation, and aerospace are among the industries that employ high-heat epoxies.

Many electronics use high-temperature epoxy coatings in their devices to hold superior bonds or prevent component damage through potting or encapsulation tasks. Items that use high-temperature epoxies include watches, phones, televisions, computers, panels, and breakers. Manufacturers can formulate an epoxy to be an insulator or a conductor given these epoxies’ thermal conductivity, and they are useful in joining photovoltaic cell components for solar panel applications.

In the transportation industry, you can find high-temperature epoxies bonding parts and protecting sensitive areas from heat or environmental damage. Cars, trucks, motorcycles, electric vehicles (EVs), and boats use these epoxies to coat and protect various components, extending their service life. A high-temperature epoxy makes a great sealant in the heat of the engine to maintain the integrity of any bonds or seals and prevent system contamination, which could otherwise destroy the engine. The corrosion resistance of epoxies is a highly desirable trait for transportation components.

There are many more applications for abrasion- and impact-resistant high-temperature epoxies in the aerospace industry. From protecting the seals in engines to holding vital pieces of rockets together, high-temperature epoxy is versatile and dependable for this industry. Airplanes, satellites, drones, and even missiles have put high-temp metal epoxy and others to the test and found that these epoxies not only produce a reliable bond but can also withstand the extreme temperatures resulting from launches, elevation fluctuations, engine functions, and more.

When looking for a bonding or sealing agent that must endure heat, a basic epoxy glue found at big box retailers will not suffice. High-temperature epoxies have a higher heat resistance than epoxies that cure at ambient temperatures. Achieve success in your application with the dependability and resistance capabilities that high-temperature epoxies offer, and tailor the formulation to meet your specifications with Copps Industries. Our team has over 40 years of experience working with clients in diverse industries, and we have the expertise to help you find the best solution for your epoxy resin needs.

Our High-Temperature Epoxies for Metal & Nonmetal Surfaces

Epoxy resins are well known for their resistance to corrosion, but some are also suited to the high temperatures used in certain industrial environments. We offer several epoxy resins that are specifically designed to withstand the heat required by these production environments.

High-Temperature Ceramic Wear Compound K-037

Designed to withstand abrasion and corrosion in the most severe service conditions, these two-component, bead-filled, high-temperature ceramic epoxy systems are suitable for working environments up to 450° F. In addition to offering temperature and chemical resistance, these adhesives are also known for their impressive slide and impact resistance. They are also non-sagging, meaning they can be applied to vertical or overhead surfaces without issue. Common applications for these compounds are repairing and protecting processing equipment, including high-wear components like:

  • Pump casings
  • Slurry lines
  • Pipe elbows
  • Cyclones and fans

REDBAC XTra Temp High-Performance Grout K-052

Like the K-037 ceramic systems, our REDBAC XTra Temp High-Performance Grout offers superior strength and chemical resistance to corrosive compounds. Ideally suited to highly corrosive plants and similar environments, this grout maintains its benefits at service temperatures reaching 400° F. The 100% solids resin system is specially designed for applications like:

  • Grouting machine bases
  • Setting, anchor bolts, leveling wedges, and other crucial components
  • Repairing damaged or deteriorated foundations
  • Protecting vulnerable concrete surfaces

Additional Products

High-temperature environments are especially common in certain sectors such as composite manufacturing and OEM. Our line of active products and custom-designed solutions are specially formulated to meet the needs of processes like infusion, filament winding, and pultrusion. Regardless of industry, we will work with you to identify the right materials and processes to reduce costs and improve results.

Consult Copps for Your Industrial High-Temp Epoxy Resin Needs

At Copps, we offer high-temperature-resistant epoxy resins for diverse applications, along with a huge range of industrial epoxy resins suitable for other unique manufacturing environments. For more information about how we can serve your needs, contact us or request a quote today.


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