One of the crucial components of repair and maintenance in marine vessels is bonding to the unique materials used in watercraft. But since marine vessels work in a unique environment, they need an adhesive, such as marine epoxy, that offers high performance despite exposure to water and chemicals such as fuel and solvents. It’s a perfect solution for building and repairing boats, canoes, kayaks, etc.

Copps Industries offers superior epoxy resin products, such as composite epoxy systems and marine epoxy grouts. Our epoxy products are custom-made, durable, waterproof, with excellent adhesion offering many benefits in the marine environment.

What is Marine Epoxy?

Marine Epoxy

Marine epoxies are marine-grade thermosetting epoxy systems specifically made for the marine industry and environments where the targeted surface is exposed to water and chemicals, such as solvents and fuel. These epoxies bond strongly to a variety of metals, glass, ceramics, wood, and plastics.

The marine-grade epoxy resin used in boat building, repair, and restoration includes various types of epoxy resins and Novolac epoxy resins. The high-performing and high-strength marine epoxy is used for bonding, filling, lamination, waterproofing, and coating.

Features and Benefits of Marine Epoxy

Marine-grade epoxy resin is unique because of its key features, which include:

  • High strength: Marine epoxy has a high ductility strength, allowing it to handle greater force without bending or breaking.
  • Chemical and solvent resistance: Marine epoxy is resistant to water and other chemicals, making it ideal for repairing and building watercraft.
  • Versatility: It is super adhering to various materials such as metal, fiberglass, concrete, glass, wood, ceramic, and some plastics.

Marine-grade epoxy resin offers the following benefits for marine usage:

  • Affix wet surfaces: Marine-grade epoxy resin can be applied underwater. Ideal for equipment that requires high bonding strength and is submerged in water.
  • Applicable in thin layers: It can be applied in thin layers without facing any curing issues.
  • Repairs polyester base: Marine epoxy can repair a polyester base since it bonds better with cured polyester than polyester resin does with cured epoxy.
  • Waterproof: Marine epoxy is resistant to water and solvents and does not shrink when exposed to water. It can also be machined and easily sanded.

Epoxy for Marine Applications

With its versatility and exceptional performance, epoxy resin proves indispensable in meeting the specific requirements of marine projects and repairs. Epoxy products find extensive use in various boat construction and repair projects, providing reliable bonding, reinforcement, and protection for lasting durability and performance. Listed below are some of the common uses of epoxy resin for marine applications:

  • Boat and ship construction: Epoxy resins are a critical component in boat and ship construction, utilized for bonding, laminating, and reinforcing various materials, ensuring structural integrity and longevity on the water. The resin is water and chemical-resistant, making it suitable for constructing boats, ships, and their significant parts.
  • Coating: Marine-grade epoxy resins are applied as a protective coating on ships and their components, providing a durable and corrosion-resistant barrier against the harsh marine environment. Commonly epoxy-coated components include ballast tanks, hulls, decks, cargo tanks, etc.
  • Maintenance and repair: Epoxy products are used to repair and maintain parts of a ship, such as filling cracks and voids and conducting underwater repairs. Epoxies offer strong adhesion, excellent durability, and the ability to effectively address issues such as hull damage, water intrusion, and structural reinforcement.

Epoxy Products from Copps

Copps Industries is a leading supplier of high-quality and consistent epoxy resins. We have offered over 500 epoxy products and worked with over 400 customers across 27 countries.

Contact us today for the best marine epoxy for your marine applications. You can learn more about the various epoxy resins available and request a quote to choose the best one for your needs.