Environmental Commitment

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Environmental Commitment

Copps Industries has been steadfast in pursuing one overriding guiding principle-to seek a better solution!

Throughout its corporate life, Copps has always sought to do the right thing, for its customers, for its employees, for its community, and for our environment.

Whether it be the removal of all flammables and chlorinated solvents from our plant, re-formulating core products to replace known or suspected toxic ingredients, or the continual upgrading of our packaging, Copps will find the better solution!

While there are a multitude of companies supplying epoxy products, Copps Industries is among a select group of innovators offering and supporting a wide range of proven, economical, uniquely formulated systems. In addition, we are driven to environmentally enhance our products for greater workplace safety. Our design and development experience and depth of knowledge are backed by our commitment to provide our customers with the most practical and most consistent industrial epoxy solution available.

SBTi: Greenhouse Gasses & Environmental Commitment

At Copps Industries, we take our commitment to the environment, our community, and our customers seriously. The Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) offers companies a clear roadmap for sustainable growth by determining the amount and speed of reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Learn more about how we’re committing to reducing climate change through the Science-Based Targets initiative in our new blog.

Copps Evolution of Safer Epoxy

  • The 1980’s: We removed BGE (Butyl Glycidyl Ether) from all our products (EU regulated chemical)
  • The 1990’s: We developed Nonyl Phenol free formulations (EU regulated chemical – marine pollutant)
  • Now:
    • DOT Non-Corrosive
    • Non-Regulated
    • Non-Corrosive = easier shipping
    • Easy Shipping paperwork
    • Readily UPS/FedEx shippable
    • Air Shipments OK
    • Reduced Shipping Cost – No Hazardous Fees
    • Lower Warehouse Storage Costs
    • Reduced Material Warehouse Regulations

The future of safer epoxy available today!