Copps Industries offers commercial-grade consumer craft epoxies available in bulk for large orders (500+gallons), these products may be private labeled.

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Copps River Table

Please note that we do not offer single/low count orders for bottles of our epoxy products.

Our commercial epoxies are used in a wide variety of applications, including:

  • Bar and tabletops. Copps has created epoxies that are ideal for the restaurant and bar end users looking to quickly create a high gloss surface. These epoxies simultaneously protect and refine underlying wood finishes.
  • Casting resin. These specialized resins feature a thinner, more water-like consistency. Casting resins provide a much slower cure and generate less heat than traditional resins allowing for a thicker pour. This makes them ideal for creating perfectly clear encasings and suspensions for objects and memorabilia, such as dried flowers or coins.
  • River tables. Our epoxies are ideal for creating striking, trendy, and aesthetically appealing “river table” designs thanks to their design flexibility. Copps consumer epoxy products may be mixed with a spectrum of pigments to achieve virtually any desired color and appearance.

About Our Diamond Clear Consumer Craft Epoxies

Our Diamond Clear Epoxy line of commercial-grade craft epoxies was specially formulated with the end users in mind. These self-leveling epoxies possess superior physical properties that lend themselves to creating beautiful, clear finishes quickly and easily. Diamond Clear Epoxies are self-leveling, primer-less, odorless, and always water-clear.

Consumer Craft Epoxies

Consumer Craft Epoxies
Product Components Mix Ratio,
Mixed Viscosity,
cP @25°C
Working time
@ 22°C (72°F)
Gel time @22c(72F), minutes Surface Tack-Free,hours Safety
Data Sheet
Technical Specs
Diamond Clear Epoxy – Table Top
2 part, clear 1/1 2700 20 30 8
to access the Safety Data Sheets (SDS)
Diamond Clear Epoxy- Casting Epoxy
2 part, clear 2/1 450 360 (6hr) 1440 (24hrs) 40
to access the Safety Data Sheets (SDS)


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Our Diamond Clear Epoxy may be applied using foam brushes, rollers, or squeegees. End users should ensure that all surface treatments and preparations are completed prior to epoxy application. Please reference our datasheets in the chart below for detailed Diamond Clear Epoxy application guidelines.

Our Diamond Clear Epoxy line currently features two primary varieties:

Diamond Clear Epoxy Coat: Tabletop

  • 1:1 epoxy-to-hardener mix ratio
  • Medium viscosity (4,000-6,000 cP or mPa:S)
  • Primarily utilized for restaurant tabletops, bar tops, countertops, and artistic applications
  • Diamond Clear Epoxy Coat: Table Top is utilized worldwide by contractors, commercial restaurant chains, and DIY users

Diamond Clear Epoxy: Casting

  • 2:1 epoxy-to-hardener mix ratio
  • Low-viscosity (600-800 cP or mPa:S)
  • Ideal for creating custom river tables and other large castings
  • Great for woodworkers and artists who are embracing this technique in their workshops

Advantages of Diamond Clear Epoxy

Copps Industries’ Diamond Clear Epoxy present a host of unique benefits and advantages for users. Our specialized epoxy products are ideal for use in a wide variety of applications thanks to several key distinguishing features:

Simplified Mix Ratios

Many epoxies require complex mix ratios (i.e a 10:1 ratio). Even a seemingly minor error in creating a mix can result in soft spots or partial curing. As such, many users prefer epoxy solutions with a simpler mix ratio. With 1:1 or 2:1 mix ratios, our Diamond Clear Epoxy line are easy to measure and mix.

Extremely Tough Surfaces

Diamond Clear Epoxy epoxies are formulated to tough industrial standards, providing a virtually indestructible surface. It also allows the surface to resist scratching, yellowing, and distortion, facilitating long-lasting and maintenance-free surface protection.

High Gloss

The Diamond Clear Epoxy formula cures with a glossy, completely transparent finish. It typically takes three coats or less to achieve a beautifully polished appearance. In many applications, just a single coat is sufficient.

Blush Resistance

Our cured epoxy does not blush or sweat out under high humidity conditions.

Excellent Wood Adhesion

Diamond Clear Epoxy is ideal for porous materials such as wood, as it simultaneously accentuates the natural features of the wood material while protecting its surface.

Commercial and Private Label Epoxies at Copps Industries

From sealing a bar top while adding a sophisticated gleam to displaying precious objects, our Diamond Clear Epoxy products are an ideal solution for the job. Our extensive epoxy formulation experience has resulted in new and high-quality consumer epoxy products, which we are proud to now offer for bulk order and private label needs.

Copps Industries’ private label program allows clients to focus on their customers without the worries associated with manufacturing and regulations. Our team handles almost every step of the process—from R&D to regulatory compliance to shipping—so our customers can focus on their own core competencies. We also provide comprehensive sales, customer service, product development, and technical support to more than 400 customers in 27 countries.

To learn more about our commercial-grade epoxies, private label program, or other epoxy products and services, please contact us or request a quote today.

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Epoxy resins are a combination of two liquid chemicals that when mixed together produce a durable plastic. They are easily molded into different shapes and can also be used as protective or decorative coatings, such as on tabletops.

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