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This direct hands-on experience, successfully combined with our diverse product offering and dedication to custom formulation, allows Copps Industries to be in the forefront of private label manufacturing.

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What Are the Applications of an Abrasion Resistant Coating?

An abrasion-resistant coating safeguards components and surfaces from wear caused by abrasive environments. Various applications depend on abrasion-resistant coatings, including mission-critical aerospace equipment, road vehicles,...
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Popular Types of Wear Resistant Coatings

Wear-resistant coating materials play a critical role in protecting various surfaces from damage resulting from abrasion, friction, and other forms of wear. By providing an...
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UV-Resistant Epoxy for Craft Products

Epoxy-based coatings have been an economical choice for facility owners and designers. As a versatile coating solution, epoxies provide an aesthetic appeal, durability, chemical resistance,...
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