Copps Industries manufactures a complete line of 100% solids, epoxy machinery grout products. Copps grouts have been formulated to be heat, vibration, and chemically resistant.

Epoxy grout has grown in popularity within the industrial and construction communities in recent years.

Epoxy grouts, used to set heavy equipment, process machinery and restore concrete foundations are a core product group at Copps Industries. Our line of 100% solids, flowable epoxy grout products are resistant to vibration, moisture and chemical attack.

Specialty grouts which are serviceable at temperatures up to 450° F (232° C), with minimal creep, to extremely water resistant materials, to very economical “deep pour” solutions – these are just a small sampling of our extensive grout expertise.


The following types of epoxy grouts are available from Copps Industries:

  • K-005 Quick Fill
  • K-020 Non-Corrosive Quick Fill
  • K-028 Deep Pour
  • K-840 Non-Corrosive Deep Pour
  • K-829 Rapid Strength Grout
  • K-009 High Performance
  • K-052 XTra Temp
  • K-011 Acid Resistant
  • K-021 Crane Rail
  • K-027 Water Impervious
  • K-837 Non-Corrosive Pumpable Grout
  • K-026 Low Temp

Common Applications of Epoxy Grouts

Epoxy grouts have many applications, the most common of which include:

  • Heavy Machinery Mounting and Anchoring

Epoxy grout is an effective tool for machine grouting due to the product’s particular resistances to heat, vibration, and chemical exposure.

  • Repairing Damaged Foundations

The high compressive strength, tensile strength, and rapid strength development of epoxy grout make it a suitable choice for concrete repair, especially in high-traffic industrial settings.

  • Setting Sole Plates

The vibration resistance of epoxy grout makes it ideal for grouting sole plates on foundations that will support generators, machine tools, or other industrial equipment.

Advantages of Epoxy Grout

When trying to determine what type of grout to use for your next project, consider the following advantages displayed by epoxy grout:

  • Rapid Strength Development

Epoxy grout develops compressive strength several times faster than cement based grouts.  In most cases the epoxy strength exceeds that of 28 day cured concrete grout after a few hours, allowing for the machinery to be put into service much faster.

  • High Strength

One of the top advantages of epoxy grout is its strength compared with cementitious alternatives. This strength is especially valuable in environments with very extreme temperatures, vibrations, or exposure to chemicals, such as with machinery or other industrial applications.

  • Easy to Set Anchors

Since epoxy grout is incredibly strong and cures and bonds more quickly than cement grout, it is improves the ease with which anchors can be set in construction and industrial applications.

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Since 1979, Copps Industries has successfully grown and diversified our catalog to include more than 500 products. Our main guiding principle is to seek out and develop better solutions to the challenges faced by our clients. We are committed to providing our customers with state-of-the-art, high-quality epoxies for industrial and commercial applications.

Copps Industries has vowed to achieve success through great people, great products, and obsessive service. Contact us today or request a quote or to learn more about our line of epoxy grouts or other products and services.

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Product Components Viscosity
Pot life
@ 22°C,
Strength, psi
of Pour
30 days @
22°C, %
Data Sheet
Technical Specs
K-005 Quick Fill Two 8,000 20 16,500 200° (93°) 1 0.40
K-020 Non-Corrosive Quick Fill Two 10,000 20 15,000 175° (79°) 1 0.50
K-028 Deep Pour Three 37,000 45 15,900 250° (121°) 8 0.15
K-840 Non-Corrosive Deep Pour Three 37,000 45 15,200 250° (121°) 8 0.17
K-829 Rapid Strength Grout Three 28,000 60 17,300 300° (149°) 2 0.22
K-009 High Performance Two 13,000 30 19,000 325° (163°) 1/2 0.23
K-052 XTra Temp Two 7,000 60 17,200 425° (218°) 1/2 0.50
K-021 Crane Rail Two 25,000 45 17,800 250° (121°) 2 0.14
K-011 Acid Resistant Three 20,000 20 17,500 325° (163°) 8 0.24
K-027 Water Impervious Two 7,500 25 18,000 225° (107°) 1 0.30
K-837 Non-Corrosive Pumpable Grout Two 8,000 20 16,000 225° (107°) 1 0.30
K-026 Low Temp Two 4,000 7 18,700 200° (93°) 2 0.50