Copps Industries manufactures a complete line of 100% solids, epoxy machinery grout products. Copps grouts have been formulated to be heat, vibration, and chemically resistant.

What Are Epoxy Grouts?

Industrial epoxy grout can be applied underneath the base plates of heavy equipment and process machinery in order to securely mount them to the sole plates attached to concrete foundations. Made from a combination of epoxy resin and engineered aggregates, industrial grade epoxy grouts are engineered to resist a variety of factors, such as vibration, heat, chemical corrosion, moisture, and repeated dynamic loading. There are a wide range of epoxy grout types available, surpassing bond strength, chemical resistance, and alignment performance when compared to traditional cementitious grouts.

Common Applications

Epoxy grouts are becoming widely popular in place of cementitious grouts in a range of applications, including:

Heavy Machinery Mounting & Anchoring

Epoxy grout ensures proper load transfer between the base and sole plate, providing a secure and anchored work surface during the equipment’s operational life. Traditional cement grout is used primarily for static loads and is prone to cracking, exposing vulnerabilities such as voids, leaks, and un-leveled base plates. Alternatively, grouting machinery with an epoxy solution not only dissipates vibrational impact, but also repels excessive heat and resists chemical attacks from alkalis, oils, acids, and solvents. In addition, epoxy grout has low inherent shrinkage, thereby allowing accurate alignment to be maintained.

Repairing Damaged Foundations

The wear and tear caused by heavy machinery such as lathes, mills, and cranes can have a long-term impact on the cement foundations that support them. Specifically engineered, easy-flowing epoxy grouts can be applied to repair and fill various cracks and voids within machinery that’s already set in cement. A stable foundation for grouting heavy equipment reduces down time, increases efficiency, and preserves ROI.

Setting Sole Plates

The sole plate refers to the plate that is mounted directly to the concrete, then bolted to the base plates of process machinery or other heavy equipment. In between these plate layers, epoxy grout acts as a load transfer agent that keeps the mated plates properly aligned, leveled, and stabilized under virtually any conditions. Using proper placement methods, epoxy grout is easy to apply and yields superior performance life when compared to traditional cement grouts.


Epoxy grouts offer a number of benefits over traditional cementitious grouts, including:

Rapid Strength Development

Not only do industrial epoxy grouts cure faster than cement grouts, they achieve accelerated compressive strength development. Epoxy grouts cure within hours and feature the same characteristics as month-old, fully cured cement grout. Machinery downtime is practically eliminated, as grouting-to-equipment startup can be performed within a single day.

High Strength

While cement grout is less expensive and works in a versatile range of applications, it is ideally used for smooth running equipment that exhibits minimal or static load impact. Epoxy grouts can be specifically developed for a range of demanding environments with excessive temperature ranges, vibrations, weather factors, and chemical interactions.

Easy to Set Anchors

Epoxy grouts feature excellent compressive and tensile strength, faster curing, and extremely strong bond strength that allows for ideal anchoring. Epoxy grouts also prevent voids and entrapments that can form near the bolts during the setting of heavy equipment or process machinery. Large generators, wind turbines, and metalworking mills rely on a combination of epoxy grout and anchor bolts to keep them in their place.

Types of Epoxy Grouts Available at Copps Industries

At Copps Industries, we offer a wide range of epoxy grouts designed to meet an equally broad array of environments and service conditions. Our epoxy grout portfolio includes:

  • K-005 Quick Fill
  • K-020 Non-Corrosive Quick Fill
  • K-028 Deep Pour
  • K-840 Non-Corrosive Deep Pour
  • K-829 Rapid Strength Grout
  • K-009 High Performance
  • K-052 XTra Temp
  • K-011 Acid Resistant
  • K-021 Crane Rail
  • K-027 Water Impervious
  • K-837 Non-Corrosive Pumpable Grout
  • K-026 Low Temp

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For nearly 40 years, Copps Industries has been a leading provider of high-strength epoxy grouting solutions for a wide range of industries. We’re consultative in our approach, developing performance-oriented epoxies that are formulated to address industrial and construction equipment needs. Backed by a diverse product line, professional service team, and a core set of guiding principles, we always strive to develop products that perform above and beyond the customer’s expectations.

to access the Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

Product Components Viscosity
Pot life
@ 22°C,
Strength, psi
of Pour
30 days @
22°C, %
Data Sheet
Technical Specs
K-005 Quick Fill Two 8,000 20 16,500 200° (93°) 1 0.40
to access the Safety Data Sheets (SDS)
K-020 Non-Corrosive Quick Fill Two 10,000 20 15,000 175° (79°) 1 0.50
K-028 Deep Pour Three 37,000 45 15,900 250° (121°) 8 0.15
to access the Safety Data Sheets (SDS)
K-840 Non-Corrosive Deep Pour Three 37,000 45 15,200 250° (121°) 8 0.17
to access the Safety Data Sheets (SDS)
K-829 Rapid Strength Grout Three 28,000 60 17,300 300° (149°) 2 0.22
K-009 High Performance Two 13,000 30 19,000 325° (163°) 1/2 0.23
to access the Safety Data Sheets (SDS)
K-052 XTra Temp Two 7,000 60 17,200 425° (218°) 1/2 0.50
to access the Safety Data Sheets (SDS)
K-021 Crane Rail Two 25,000 45 17,800 250° (121°) 2 0.14
to access the Safety Data Sheets (SDS)
K-011 Acid Resistant Three 20,000 20 17,500 325° (163°) 8 0.24
K-027 Water Impervious Two 7,500 25 18,000 225° (107°) 1 0.30
to access the Safety Data Sheets (SDS)
K-837 Non-Corrosive Pumpable Grout Two 8,000 20 16,000 225° (107°) 1 0.30
K-026 Low Temp Two 4,000 7 18,700 200° (93°) 2 0.50
to access the Safety Data Sheets (SDS)