Copps Industries manufactures a complete line of 100% solids, industrial concrete floor coatings and overlays. We provide solutions for your severe flooring environment.

Industrial Concrete Flooring

Our comprehensive line of 100% solids, VOC-free epoxy, industrial concrete floor coatings and overlays are innovative and cost effective. Our concrete floor coatings and resurfacers provide solutions for the most severe flooring and restoration needs, and have been successfully installed in chemical processing, power generation, tool and die, pulp and paper, food and beverage facilities worldwide.

Preventative Maintenance For Concrete Flooring

While you can’t always control scratches, spills, and other accidents, you can take routine steps to keep your concrete floor aesthetically pleasing and, more importantly, structurally sound.Conducting routine cleaning and repairing cracks and chips as soon as they occur will help prolong the life of your concrete floor, greatly reducing the risk of extra expenditures and downtime in the long run.

If you need to repair your floor, there are a few options available, such as:

  • Coatings— Epoxy coatings are idea for protecting concrete floors from surface damage, corrosion, and staining.
  • Joint Fillers – Concrete control joints are designed to control the normal shrinkage cracking of concrete. The use of a joint filler (epoxy or polyurea) is designed to support the joint edges to prevent edge deterioration and concrete spalling.
  • Patching – Patching and joint edge rebuilding techniques can be used to repair spalled, broken, or loose concrete. Fast curing epoxy mortar systems are most commonly used for this type of repair.  Though these repairs are typically easy to make , it’s often a good investment to have a trained professional apply our high-quality coatings and concrete joint fillers, ensuring optimal reliability and a long-term solution.

Concrete Surface Repair Epoxy

Most concrete repairs can be completed with the use of epoxy, but specific elements of the procedure will vary depending on the severity of the issue.

  • Epoxy mortars and fillers — It’s best to repair a crack or chip as soon as it’s visible with the use of high-quality concrete.
  • Concrete floor coatings — Epoxy is also an ideal option for concrete coatings. It can smooth out a cracked and pitted floor, making it look brand new. Plus, it greatly increases the floor’s light reflectivity potentially increasing production efficiency.

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Product Components Working time

@22°C (72°F)


Initial cure

or foot traffic

@22°C (72°F), hrs.

Compressive Strength,


Hardness, Shore Chemical Resistance


Application Safety Data Sheet (SDS) Technical Specs
Armorgard 500 2 part pigmented 25 9 12,500 85D Very Good Pigmented, 10-40mil, self leveling    
Armorgard 501 2 part clear 25 4 12,000 85D Very Good Low temp 40F, Organic Acid Resistance    
Armorgard 502 3 part pigmented 20 10 7,000 85D Excellent 98% Sulfuric Acid, 15mil coating    
Armorgard 506 2 part clear 25 8 9,500 82D Very Good Fast, low temp cure, 40F    
Armorgard 507 2 part clear 25 12 12,000 82D Very Good Clear, 10-40mil, self leveling    
Armorgard 522 2 part Pigmented 35 NA 12,500 91D Good Pigmented, Barrier Coating    
Armorgard 524 2 part Pigmented 20 8 10,100 88D Excellent Pigmented, High Chemical Resistance    
General Purpose Epoxy 525 2 part clear and pigmented 20 16 12,000 78D Good 10-20mil, self leveling    
Armorgard 700UV 2 part clear 25 12 12,000 82D Very Good UV, Clear Topcoat for Color Quartz    
Armorgard 700 2 part clear 25 12 12,000 82D Very Good Clear, Color Quartz, self leveling    
Armorgard 600T 3 part natural or pigmented aggregate 60 4 10,500 86 D Excellent 1/4 overlay, general purpose, heavy duty    
Armorgard 601T 3 part natural or pigmented aggregate 60 4 12,000 87 D Excellent 1/4 overlay, organic acids, heavy duty    
Armorgard 602T 3 part natural or pigmented aggregate 45 5 11,000 94D Excellent 1/4 overlay, 98% H2SO4    
Armorgard 604T 3 part natural or pigmented aggregate 10 1 12,800 92D Excellent 1/4 overlay, Low temp 20F Cure    
Armorgard 600SF 3 part natural or pigmented aggregate 60 4 12,500 86D Excellent 1/8″ Slurry, general purpose    
Armorgard 601SF 3 part natural or pigmented aggregate 60 4 12,300 87D Excellent 1/8″ Slurry, Acid Resistance    
Epoxy Primer (K-049) 2 part clear 20 16 NA 78D Moderate General purpose primer    
Epoxy Primer (K-040) 2 part clear 20 12 NA 85D Moderate Concrete Primer Fast Cure    
FlexFill 60 Joint Filler (K-057) 2 part pigmented 60 16 NA, elastomeric 60A Moderate High elongation joint filler    
Flexfill 80 Joint Filler (K-554)  2 part pigmented  NA  1  NA, elastomeric  80A  Moderate  High elongation joint filler  
FlexFill 90 Joint Filler (K-560) 2 part pigmented 10 16 NA, elastomeric 92A Moderate Fast setting joint filler    
Floor Patch (K-002) 3 part gray aggregate 45 4 7000 75D Moderate Concrete Floor Patching    
Armorgard 295 3 part broadcast 60 12 11,900 84D Good Broadcast, Vapor Retarder