Copps Industries manufactures a complete line of 100% solids, crusher backing products. Including the premiere High Performance Backing XP-2000.

Crushing machines – or crushers – break large, dense materials such as stone into more easily manageable forms.

Crushers are commonly seen in quarries breaking down large rocks into smaller, size specific pieces. Secondary crushing often occurs in aggregate plants, which produce smaller rocks and powders for applications including gravel, asphalt, and concrete.

Crushers operate on a very basic mechanical principle: Rock is compressed between two harder surfaces until it breaks into smaller pieces. The crushed material is typically quite hard on its own, so this process causes significant wear and tear on any crushing machine.

A durable, shock-absorbing, epoxy based crusher backing compounds play a pivotal role in the protection and reinforcement of heavy-duty mining and quarry equipment.

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Applications of Crusher Backing

Crusher backing compounds are the ideal way to protect crushing machines from unnecessary damage or long-term wear. Crusher backing is used to fill open cavities behind the wear parts and support or “backup” the wear surfaces in the crusher, protecting the machinery from friction, vibration, and impact during crushing operations.

For example, Copps Industries’ non-corrosive bushing lock is the industry standard for use in eccentric assemblies to “lock” the inner and outer eccentric bushings in order to prevent the bushing from turning. This reduces opportunities for wear and friction, thus extending equipment life.

Copps continues to improve on our formulations using the most current raw materials available in order to succeed in even the most difficult applications. Cold Cure crusher backing, our most recent development, is a high performance material designed for use when air temperatures are between 25° F and 60° F (-4° C to 16° C).

Through these unique innovations and our tried-and-true standard product line offerings, Copps Industries offers an array of crusher backing compounds to suit the requirements of any crushing application or operation, including:

  • Cone Crushers
  • Gyratory Crushers/Components
  • Stone Crushers
  • Grinding Mills
  • Backing Plates
  • Lock Bushings


Advantages of Crusher Backing Compounds

Crusher backing compounds offer a range of benefits for mining and aggregate operations. These advantages include:

  • Extended Machinery Life

Crushing is an extreme operation, generating significant vibration and impact forces in the process which can reduce equipment life. Applying crusher backing compounds on an appropriate maintenance schedule substantially extends the life of equipment and related components, minimizes downtime, and lowering replacement part costs.

  • Low Shrinkage

Controlling the shrinkage during the hardening process or curing of the crusher backing is critical to a successful pour.  Using a properly formulated crusher backing engineered to manage shrinkage will greatly reduce voids and misalignments between liners.

  • High Strength

Crusher backing compounds offer a higher level of compressive strength, a broader array of service temperatures, and high impact and vibration resistance. This level of toughness greatly improves the efficiency and durability of protected components and machinery.

  • Gap Elimination

By eliminating wear liner gaps and smoothing alignment errors, crusher backing compounds provide superior impact resistance compared with equipment not treated with a crusher backing compound.

  • Enhanced Safety

Before the invention of epoxy crusher backing compounds, molten white metal (i.e. zinc) was used as a crusher backing material. However, this process involves working with molten materials, which creates unnecessary safety hazards for workers.

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Copps Industries is a well-known name in aggregate plants, quarries, and mines throughout the world. Our 100% solids, VOC free crusher backing products have been in use for over 30 years. This line of products ranges from our workhorse-standard backing, to our very high performance backing, to our industry leading non-corrosive products.

With sales and support in 27 countries, Copps Industries has grown our product line to include more than 500 products. To learn more about our crusher backing compounds or other epoxy solutions, contact us or request a quote.


Pot life
@ 22°C,
@ 22°C
Strength, psi
30 days @
22°C, %
Data Sheet
Technical Specs
K-001 Standard Backing8,00020616,5001614.10.42

to access the Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

to access the Safety Data Sheets (SDS)
K-085 XP-2000 High Performance7,50025618,0002004.90.25

to access the Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

to access the Safety Data Sheets (SDS)
K-817 Non-Corrosive Standard10,00020615,0001333.50.48
to access the Safety Data Sheets (SDS)
K-831 Non-Corrosive High Performance8,00020617,0001874.20.27
to access the Safety Data Sheets (SDS)
K-004 TROWELBACsoft paste45610,000147NA1.78
to access the Safety Data Sheets (SDS)
K-016 Non-Corrosive TROWELBACsoft paste45613,000134NA0.56
to access the Safety Data Sheets (SDS)
K-113 Non-Corrosive Bushing Lock10,80015813,800197NA0.43
to access the Safety Data Sheets (SDS)
K-024 Cold Cure Backing4,0007618,7001533.90.49
to access the Safety Data Sheets (SDS)