Since 1979, Copps Industries has been a leading supplier of epoxy resins, providing top-quality and consistent industrial epoxies. We have expanded our product line to over 500 epoxy products and serve hundreds of customers worldwide.

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We offer precast form coatings and repair materials that can be applied to a form’s surface during production or in the field. The type of form coating used will depend on the kind of material requiring protection, the surface features required in the concrete, how many reuses of the form are required, and the environmental demands that will be placed on the form coating.

What is Form Coating?

Various industries use precast form coatings to safeguard and seal surfaces and create a smooth, durable concrete finish. The purpose of a precast form coating is a combination of protecting forms, making their permeability uniform, changing their texture, enabling form release, or making the retardation depth of concrete uniform.

Precast form coatings are applied to a form’s surface to eliminate blemishes and toughen the surface to produce a smooth, uniform precast concrete material.

What is Form Coating?

Types of Precast Form Coatings

Epoxy resin coatings are some of the most popular form coatings. Catalyzed resin systems are typically comprised of a urethane, epoxy, or polyester resin coating. The form coating must cure to a hard surface while also maintaining a certain degree of flexibility.

Other options include latex and solvent-release lacquers and resins. Latex is commonly used to prevent structure degradation of the concrete due to chloride attacks. Solvent-release lacquers are compounds similar to shellac, varnish, acrylic, or nitrocellulose resins and have been widely used for plywood and lumber.

When choosing a form coating, consider the material that needs protection, the surface characteristics desired in the concrete, how often the form will be reused, and the environmental demands that the form coating will face.

At Copps industries, we offer Armorgard 505 for steel, wood, concrete, and foam forms. Armorgard 505 is a 100% solids, odorless, primerless epoxy coating, specifically formulated to create a hard, tough coating without using toxic solvents. This product creates smooth, even, strong concrete surfaces. Our precast form coatings produce a prolonged service life and result in durable, quality casts that can be used for numerous architectural applications.

Some other benefits of Armorgard 505 include:

  • Eliminates the use of fiberglass cloth
  • Cut and drill without cracking
  • Repairable
  • Non-flammable
  • Seals hotwire cut foam patterns
  • Low heat during cure
  • Very tough surface
  • Eliminates mold distortion
  • Single coat application
  • VOC-free and solvent-free

Precast Concrete Forms from Copps Industries

Copps Industries is a top producer of epoxy resins and we aim to deliver quality, consistent industrial epoxy solutions. With a dedication to environmental protection and consistency, we can provide epoxies for all types of applications. Contact us or request a quote or learn more about our capabilities.

Product Components Working time @ 22°C (72°F) min. Tack free time @22°C (72°F), hrs. Tensile Strength, psi Hardness, Shore Chemical Resistance Rating Application Safety Data Sheet (SDS) Technical Specs
Armorgard 505 2 part clear epoxy 25 5 6,100 82D Very Good Tough, self leveling, Form Coating
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Armorgard 505LT 2 part clear epoxy 6, 25 @ 50F 4, 6 @ 50F 7,600 82D Very Good Low temp 35F, Form Coating
to access the Safety Data Sheets (SDS)
Armorgard Steel Coat 2 part epoxy 25 5 6,600 82D Good Tough, Steel Form Coating
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Armorgard 541 2 part epoxy 60 19 5,000 79D Very Good Foam Coating, Thixotropic
to access the Safety Data Sheets (SDS)
Armorgard 541FST 2 part epoxy 6 3 6,000 79D Very Good Fast Cure,Foam Coating, Thixotropic
to access the Safety Data Sheets (SDS)
K-100 Form Repair 2 part epoxy gel 15 4 1,300 74D Very Good Smooth gel-paste, Form Repair
to access the Safety Data Sheets (SDS)
K-170 Flex Form 70 2 part epoxy 40 4 360 80A Moderate Decorative Molding Compound
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