Fast Curing, Thixotropic Foam Mold Coating

  • Solvent free-zero VOC
  • Single coat application
  • Low heat on cure
  • Extremely tough, non-brittle surface
  • Seals hotwire cut foam patterns
  • Does not distort mold shape

Armorgard 541FST is a 100% solids, thixotropic, primerless, odorless epoxy coating for vertical surfaces of foam patterns and molds used in precast concrete applications. Armorgard 541FST is formulated to provide a hard, tough coating for EPS foam and Styrofoam without the use of hazardous – foam damaging solvents. Use of Armorgard 541FST transforms a “rough” foam structure into a hard, sandable surface, creating an “architectural” quality cast.

Armorgard 541FST provides a convenient work life and a rapid tack free time. Armorgard 541FST was designed from conception to be the ideal foam coating. The product is colored for an easy visual check of thickness.