Our Private Label Commitment

Copps Industries has evolved from a single product line manufacturer to one of the premier OEM and private label providers. This direct hands-on experience, successfully combined with our diverse product offering and dedication to custom formulation, allows Copps Industries to be in the forefront of private label marketing. Our many long term international OEM partnerships are a direct result of our entrepreneurial and collaborative total support programs.

Working Together

By partnering with Copps Industries for your outside product development and manufacturing needs, you have access to our entire corporate expertise without the need for capital expenditure. Our knowledge, skill and experience are available to further your economic goals. Using Copps Industries as an “extension” of your manufacturing is the smart way to add new products — the lifeblood of any organization! Success is our mutual goal which may only be achieved by providing the right solution for you, our private label partner.

Commitment to Trust

Our best kept secret is that we sell most of our private label products to our competitors. But in fact they are not really our competitors; they are our partners in the true meaning of collaboration. They have placed their trust in our ability to preserve their confidence and maintain their best interests.

Benefits of Using COPPS Industries Private Label Program

  • No R&D costs
  • No fixed costs
  • Regulatory and environmental compliance
  • No expensive start-up costs
  • No manufacturing costs
  • Export shipping compliance

Innovative Market-Proven Products

Over 2,000 formulations immediately available as-is or readily modified to meet your requirements.

Custom Product Formulations

Comprehensive in-house research, development, testing and prototyping capabilities enable us to formulate products to your precise specifications with fast turnaround.

Better Way to Get to Market

Whether you select from our large inventory of market-ready products or take advantage of our custom product development services, our turnkey program capabilities will significantly shorten your time to market and greatly increase your ROI.

Whatever Size of Your Company, We’ll Fill Your Needs

Whether you are a large (or small) company downsizing, restructuring, or hampered by limited manufacturing or design capability, consider the Copps solution.

Let Copps Industries economically provide the niche or new product you need to increase both your competitive edge and profitability! Our private label experiences range from small regional companies to multi-divisional international giants.