Safety Data Sheets

Aggregate and Mining - Crusher Backing

ProductSafety Data Sheet (SDS)
K-001 Standard Backing
K-085 XP-2000 High Performance
K-817 Non-Corrosive Standard
K-831 Non-Corrosive High Performance
K-016 Non-Corrosive TROWELBAC
K-113 Non-Corrosive Bushing Lock
K-024 Cold Cure Backing

Machinery Installation Grouts

ProductSafety Data Sheet (SDS)
K-028 Deep Pour
K-027 Water Impervious
K-026 Low Temp

Construction Epoxies DOT / C-881 Products

ProductSafety Data Sheet (SDS)
Crack Injection Epoxy (K-071)
Crack Injection Epoxy (K-072)
Crack Injection Epoxy (K-076)
Conlox Crack Injection (K-075)
Crack Sealing Paste (K-068)
Crack Sealing (K-093)
High Friction Surface Binder (K-206)
Concrete Repair Epoxy (K-073)
Concrete Repair Epoxy (K-079)
K-008 General Purpose Adhesive
K-013 General Purpose Non-Corrosive
K-040 Epoxy Primer
REDBAC High Temperature Trowelable Adhesive (K-031)
Copps K-070 Crete Patch
K-062 Armor Patch
K-550 Epoxy Rubber Flooring Adhesive
K-551 Epoxy Gel Flooring Adhesive
K-552 Epoxy Nose Filler

Wear Resistant and Maintenance Products

ProductSafety Data Sheet (SDS)
K-036 Ceramic Regular
K-046 Ceramic Regular Non-Corrosive
K-038 Ceramic Fast
K-037 Ceramic High Temp
K-050 Ceramic Large Bead
K-094 Steel Super Fast
K-064 Steel High Temp
K-042 Aluminum
K-044 Graphite
K-030 Titanium

Concrete Coatings and Joint Filler

ProductSafety Data Sheet (SDS)
Armorgard 500
Armorgard 501
Armorgard 502
Armorgard 506
Armorgard 507
General Purpose Epoxy 525
Armorgard 700UV
Armorgard 700
Armorgard 600T
Armorgard 601T
Armorgard 602T
Armorgard 604T
Armorgard 600SF
Armorgard 601SF
Epoxy Primer (K-049)
Epoxy Primer (K-040)
FlexFill 60 Joint Filler (K-057)
FlexFill 90 Joint Filler (K-560)
Floor Patch (K-002)
Armorgard 295

Precast Form Coatings and Repair Materials

ProductSafety Data Sheet (SDS)
Armorgard 541FST