Semi-Rigid Epoxy Joint Filler for Control Joints or Contraction Joints

FlexFill 90 has been specifically designed for filling sawcut control joints and contraction joints in concrete. FlexFill 90 is a two component, low viscosity liquid which cures to a semi-rigid, hard-rubber-like resilience which supports joint edges to prevent edge deterioration and concrete spalling. FlexFill 90 joint filler bonds tightly to the sides of concrete joints, prevents contaminant and water penetration, and delivers high wear resistance and durability.

FlexFill 90 Joint Filler Features

  • VOC free, 100% solids
  • Ideal 1:1 mix ratio
  • Bonds to most construction materials
  • Thixotropic Joint Filler consistency – designed to reduce Joint Filler “sinkers” saving time and money
  • Fast 3 hour shave time
  • High resiliency
  • Easily coated with compatible toppings