• 100% solids
  • VOC-free
  • Non-corrosive
  • High peel strength
  • Friendly 1:1 mix ratio
  • Comfortable working time
  • Non-flammable

Copps’ Rubber Flooring Adhesive K-550 is a two-part, room temperature cure epoxy system. This product is specially formulated to bond rubber flooring to concrete, wood, metal, and other substrates. Due to its versatility, it can be successfully used with a large variety of flooring materials (vinyl, nylon, polyester, wood, etc.). The 550’s semi-flexible matrix provides a high level of impact strength which is required for areas like sport facilities, gyms, recreation rooms, etc. Adhesion to wood, concrete, and metal is excellent.

User-friendly mix ratio (1:1 by volume) allows for use of partial kits eliminating excess material waste.