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SBTi: Greenhouse Gasses & Environmental Commitment

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At Copps Industries, we take our commitment to the environment, our community, and our customers seriously. The Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) offers companies a clear roadmap for sustainable growth by determining the amount and speed of reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Learn more about how we’re committing to reducing climate change through the Science-Based Targets initiative.

What Are ‘Science-Based Targets’?

Proper organization and project management initiatives can help organizations zero in on social and environmental goals as part of their ESG efforts. ‘Science-based targets,’ in particular, are used to denote the specific goals — and pathways to achieving those goals — that companies will use to curb greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. The Science-Based Targets initiative (SBTi) is the framework that gives organizations a clear series of steps to future-proof their company’s growth and ensure sufficient reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. Many organizations are starting to focus on these initiatives in order to future-proof their business and develop a pathway to minimizing their organizations’ impact on climate change.

The framework for developing science-based goals is especially helpful in this context. The goals take into account developing scientific knowledge and understanding of greenhouse gases and become very specific, actionable goals. The criteria for determining if a goal is science-based is if it aligns with the scientific evidence of how to achieve the goals in the Paris Agreement, an international treaty focusing on climate change and efforts to curtail or reverse negative environmental changes. The main focus of the Paris Agreement is a hard ceiling on temperature increases — taking measures to ensure the temperature doesn’t increase by 2° C above the known pre-industrial levels — and a softer goal — taking measures to curtail warming so it doesn’t rise by more than 1.5° C.

While many organizations are already motivated to reduce their climate impacts and have made strides in this direction through innovative practices, a clear framework can make those efforts more efficient and effective. Ambitious, scientifically-back goals can also set the groundwork for even more transformation.

Science-Based Targets Initiative Commitment Compliance Policy

The first step in joining the Science-Based Targets initiative is to sign the SBTi Commitment Letter, which allows participants to publicly mark their company as committed to SBTi. If your organization opts to commit to net-zero GHG emission goals or near-term GHG reduction goals, you will have a 24-month timeline to complete these two steps:

  1. Create a science-based target that fulfills SBTi criteria.
  2. Submit that goal for SBTi validation. To complete this step, your organization will need to book a target validation slot online and submit the required form.

These two steps are essential for creating science-based targets that align with the core mission of the Paris Agreement and ensuring that your organization is on track to realize your goals.

Copps Industries Science-Base Targets Initiative: Greenhouse Gases and Environmental Commitment

At Copps Industries, we support SBTi and the continued efforts toward a future with reduced or net-zero GHG emissions to slow climate change. Our organization is committed to doing the right thing for all of our stakeholders, including our employees, customers, community, and environment. We continually work toward future-proofing our organization and reducing our environmental impact with initiatives like:

  • Removing flammables from our plant
  • Replacing chlorinated solvents in favor of more environmentally-friendly compounds
  • Removing known and suspected toxic ingredients from our chemical formulations
  • Upgrading our packaging to reduce waste

Copps is a leading innovator in the epoxy product space, and our mission is to continually innovate our products and services to meet the needs of our customers and environment. We also prioritize the continued safety of our employees in the workplace through products and processes that have fewer toxins and preserve air quality. We aim to continue focusing on environmental commitment to a cleaner future and providing our clients with consistently high-quality epoxy products.

Learn More About Our Mission

Copps Industries is your go-to partner for high-quality epoxies, but we’re also your partner for environmental action and a more sustainable supply chain. Contact us today to learn more about our initiatives, or request a quote for pricing details on our products.