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Breaking the Mold: Affordable Customization from Copps Industries

In the search for industrial products, too many organizations settle for a low standard. You might browse a catalog and order what’s available, even though it has features and properties you don’t really need or requires processes that delay your production. The price is acceptable, and you trust it will arrive on time.

But there’s a better choice: a custom solution formulated specifically to optimize your success.

At Copps Industries, customization isn’t just an option; it’s our preferred path to help you harness precision, efficiency, and cost savings. Here, we’re diving into our approach to customizing unique formulations and addressing the most common objections we hear to demonstrate why a custom solution is crucial to your success. 

Understanding Customization

There’s a common misconception that custom solutions are more expensive and come with longer lead times than off-the-shelf products. And that’s often the case when you contract with other suppliers. Not at Copps Industries.

We’ve noticed that many customers aren’t aware that tailoring a solution to their specific needs is an option, let alone an affordable one. The usual instinct is to opt for standard products because they seem more accessible and can be fulfilled immediately. But what if the standard solution isn’t the perfect fit for your unique requirements?

Our Customization Process: Designed for You

At Copps Industries, our goal is to adapt our product to your process, not the other way around. We start by understanding what you want to achieve and examining what is and is not working with your current formulations. Then, we collaborate to create a formulation specifically designed to meet your needs—at no additional cost.

We don’t believe in charging more just because a solution is customized. We aim to understand your processes and develop an ideal formula for your processes while considering your cost targets.

Achieving Efficiency & Savings

Sometimes, concerns about availability and shipping delays come up in conversations about custom solutions. We’re transparent in addressing these questions head-on. If the necessary raw materials are available, your lead times remain unchanged. If your custom formulation requires unique raw materials, procuring them may extend the development phase. However, once development is complete, production and shipping will resume normal lead times without delays.

When considering costs, you might assume a custom solution comes with a high price tag. In cases where special materials are required, the initial cost may be higher. However, a tailor-made solution can result in significant savings in your manufacturing processes with increased throughput.

We have extensive experience developing products to create efficiency and reduce costs without compromising on quality or efficiency. One customer was using an aerospace-grade product primarily for its heat resistance despite having no need for many of its other properties. Working together, we developed a custom solution that focused on exactly what they needed and removed unnecessary properties. The resulting formulation met their specific needs, reduced their costs, and simplified their process—it eliminated the need for them to cure in specialized ovens, leading to huge operational savings.

Collaboration Over Compromise

We believe in collaboration over compromise. You tell us what you need to improve your process, and we work together to make it happen. This personalized process ensures a one-of-a-kind solution adapted to your needs.

Unlike many others in the industry, our threshold for customization is reasonable, meaning we can provide tailored solutions without the usual barriers, like extended lead times. Our capacity to develop and supply custom products quickly and efficiently is at the core of our approach.

The Virtual Copps’ Chemist is more than just a service—it’s a testament to our commitment to your success. As a catalyst for collaboration, the Virtual Chemist allows you to harness our expertise, secure top-quality products, and gain a partner dedicated to moving your business forward.

Go Beyond Standard Solutions with Copps Industries

Choosing a custom solution with Copps Industries means investing in your success at a cost comparable to, or even less than, standard options. Our formulations are designed to seamlessly integrate with and enhance your operations. We ensure you get exactly what you need without paying for what you don’t.

Why settle for the standard when you can optimize your output and secure your success with customization? We supply custom solutions on an everyday basis at Copps. Contact us today to learn more about Copps Industries and get started collaborating on a custom solution.

Epoxy Resins with Carbon Fiber: The Perfect Match!

From high-speed race cars to cutting-edge aircraft, epoxy resin and carbon fiber are the secret ingredients powering innovation across industries. In applications where every ounce counts and resilience is non-negotiable, carbon fiber reinforced with epoxy resin is the go-to choice.

Let’s explore how this perfect match redefines what’s possible in strength and durability.

Epoxy Resins for Carbon Fiber

Composites are specialty materials made from a combination of fibers and resins. Epoxy resin is a thermoset polymer material that is heated and cured to chemically alter the material’s composition to create a permanently hardened substance. Epoxy resins can have glass transition temperatures above 400F˚, allowing them to retain their physical properties in high-temperature ranges. Once the liquid polymers in an epoxy resin solidify, the hardened piece becomes strong, resistant to chemical and thermal damage, and can withstand physical wear or impact.

Epoxy resin is advantageous due to its properties in its cured state. The material has the unique ability to fuse with carbon fibers to create an even stronger microstructure that showcases the advantages of both the epoxy and the fibers.

Carbon fibers are strong, lightweight, and fatigue-resistant fibers used to build composite materials. By combining carbon fibers with epoxies, manufacturers can create incredibly hard, durable materials that outperform both individual material types. Composites are a relatively new production material compared to materials like aluminum, iron, and steel, but there are many benefits to working with carbon fiber-strengthened composites that span a range of industries.

Carbon fibers resist fatigue, have low thermal expansion, and absorb or dampen vibrations. They are supplied in two forms that are suitable for creating composites. Carbon fiber tows are bundles of thousands of untwisted, continuous fibers that can be used directly in epoxies or converted into woven reinforcement materials like fabrics or tape.

Benefits of Epoxy Resins for Carbon Fiber

Epoxy resin and carbon fiber composites are uniquely strong and offer excellent performance in commercial and industrial applications. Some of the benefits of this material include:

  • Strength: Carbon fibers have high tensile strength but are prone to damage. Epoxy resins have low tensile strength, but their toughness and malleable properties protect the fibers from damage, creating an even stronger material.
  • Lightweight: The composite material has an excellent strength-to-weight ratio, surpassing even aluminum and titanium. As a result, manufacturers can produce lightweight parts that can be used in more energy-efficient vehicles and assemblies.
  • Flexibility: Despite its strength and durability, the composite is simultaneously very flexible. This means the material can withstand strong impact forces by absorbing the force. It also won’t develop spider cracks under impact or when the material is bent.
  • No shrinkage: Epoxy resins won’t shrink after curing. This extends the lifespan of composite parts and components used in harsh environments.
  • UV resistance: The composite material can withstand exposure to sunlight. It’s 100% UV resistant, so it can be used in long-term outdoor applications without the risk of wear or degradation.
  • Aesthetics: Epoxy resin and carbon fiber composites are transparent, which makes them an excellent choice for visible components and consumer-facing products.

Applications of Epoxy Resins with Carbon Fiber

The versatility of epoxy resin and carbon fiber composites makes them useful in a wide variety of applications and industries. At Copps Industries, we formulate epoxy resins for composite materials used across the following applications:

  • Aerospace
  • Aircraft and avionics
  • Automotive component construction and assembly
  • Boats and marine applications
  • Consumer goods
  • Construction
  • Corrosion-resistant parts for industrial and manufacturing equipment
  • Military and defense—DoT-approved epoxy resin systems
  • Oil and gas processing
  • Sporting goods and recreational products
  • Transportation

Choose Epoxy Resins with Carbon Fiber From Copps Industries

Since 1979, Copps Industries has been a leading provider of high-performance epoxy resins for use in civil engineering, adhesives, manufacturing, and more. Our company is ISO 9011:2015-certified as part of our commitment to excellent product quality. We produce resins for use in a wide variety of composite materials. 

If you’re ready to elevate your projects with the strength and resilience of carbon fiber and epoxy resins, contact us today to request a quote and start your order.

Recap: SAMPE Annual Conference and Exhibition 2024

As a professional society dedicated to providing information and resources, the Society for the Advancement of Material and Process Engineering (SAMPE) is a valuable network for scientists, engineers, and researchers. The SAMPE Annual Conference and Exhibition brings together professionals from around the world to explore the latest advancements in materials and processing technology.

Copps Industries is excited to have participated in the SAMPE Annual Conference and Exhibition 2024, held in Long Beach, California, May 20-23. Featuring a variety of speakers, technical papers, educational sessions, and an expansive expo, the event is a place where groundbreaking ideas are exchanged. Here, we’re sharing some of the highlights and key takeaways from this year’s conference.

Keynote Address: Empowering the Materials and Process Community

An inspirational session at the conference was the keynote address, “Empowering the Materials and Process Community for Tomorrow’s Innovations,” by Stephen Heinz from the Composite Materials Division at Syensqo. Heinz discussed how industries reliant on composite materials have faced rapid disruption with the evolution of advanced air mobility and advances in technologies. He emphasized the need for materials and process professionals to innovate at the same pace to continue to advance the industry.

Themes of Advancement and Sustainability

The conference featured several sessions and panels reflecting key themes of advancement and sustainability. Some of those sessions included:

  • Advancing Composite Materials Technology, which emphasized the importance of collaboration between academia and industry to drive innovation in composite materials and prepare the next generation of engineers to continue this progress.
  • Sustainability and Circularity in the Advanced Materials Industry, which explored strategies for sustainability in the production and use of advanced materials and shared insights to help businesses integrate sustainable practices into their operations and product life cycles.
  • Sustainability and Applications of Advanced Materials, which looked at the various applications that contribute to sustainability, from lightweight composites that reduce fuel consumption to materials designed for renewable energy systems.

Another standout session was “Doing Business in Mexico,” where Dr. Yadira Gochi-Ponce highlighted Mexico’s leadership in advancing multifunctional materials and the country’s significant aerospace manufacturing contributions.

USDOE & SAMPE Co-Sponsored Workshop

One of the key conference highlights was a workshop on Advanced Materials for Hydrogen Infrastructure Technologies, co-sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy (USDOE) and SAMPE. The workshop examined state-of-the-art advanced materials like fiber-reinforced composites. Participants left with a better understanding of current challenges and opportunities and potential strategies to reduce costs and improve performance.

Exhibit and Customer Engagement

The exhibition floor bustled with manufacturers and suppliers showcasing their latest products and innovations, offering organizations the opportunity to engage face-to-face with potential customers and partners. For participating companies like ours, the exhibit hall offered valuable opportunities to connect with customers and gain insights into market demands and emerging trends.

Connecting to Copps Industries Values

Copps Industries emphasizes many of the same themes highlighted at the SAMPE 2024 Annual Conference as part of our ongoing commitment to innovation and sustainability. This includes our dedication to advancing materials technology and exploring sustainable solutions for our customers and the community.

The SAMPE conference provided a platform for industry professionals to exchange ideas, explore innovations, and foster connections. From an inspiring keynote to engaging sessions on sustainability and advanced materials, the event showcased how the engineering community is addressing some of today’s most pressing challenges. At Copps Industries, our commitment to sustainability and cutting-edge innovation ensures we continue to meet the evolving needs of our customers in the materials industry.

Recap: AGG1 Aggregates Academy & Expo 2024

The AGG1 Academy & Expo is the aggregates industry’s leading exposition and education resource. With industry-focused educational programming, comprehensive exhibits, and an expansive expo, the event showcases innovation in aggregate equipment, products, and services.

Hosted by the National Stone, Sand & Gravel Association (NSSGA), AGG1 brings together professionals from across the country to explore the latest technology, enhance their teams’ skills, and network with peers. Copps Industries is excited to have participated in AGG1 2024, held in Nashville, Tennessee, March 25-27. Here, we’re sharing some of the highlights and key takeaways from this year’s show.

AGG1 Aggregates Academy & Expo 2024

Themes of Safety and Sustainability

Safety and sustainability emerged as central themes in both educational programming and show exhibits. Attendees had the opportunity to advance their knowledge on health and safety measures, improving environmental stewardship, and adopting sustainable practices. These themes reflect a shared commitment to both people and the planet, values also held by Copps Industries.

Advancing Policies and Infrastructure

NSSGA advocates for a favorable policy and regulatory environment that helps foster industry growth. Their efforts focus on areas like infrastructure renewal, energy production, and manufacturing support. Sessions at the conference explored the political and public policy outlook for 2024, helping participants anticipate the challenges and opportunities that may lie ahead.

Education and Team Development

The AGG1 Academy featured more than 120 educational sessions led by industry experts, focusing on safety, health, the environment, and sustainability. With topics ranging from harnessing solar power to workforce development to business management, the programming offered insights and strategies to enhance efficiency, safety, and environmental stewardship. 

Exploring the Latest Technology

The aggregates industry plays a vital role in infrastructure, energy, and manufacturing. Given this, it’s crucial for professionals to keep pace with the technology that will propel the industry’s future. More than 400 exhibitors showcased the latest equipment and solutions. Exhibits provided valuable opportunities for attendees to collaborate and exchange ideas while they explored the latest innovations.

Customer Engagement and Business Opportunities

The conference offered valuable opportunities for participating companies like Copps Industries to connect with customers and gain insights into emerging trends and sought-after solutions. Our discussions focused on various aspects of plant operations, production, and equipment, helping us stay up to date on the latest technologies, processes, and products that aggregate producers are using in creative ways.

Connecting to Copps Industries Values

Copps Industries emphasizes many of the same themes seen at the AGG1 Academy & Expo 2024 as part of our ongoing commitment to our customers. This includes our dedication to continually seeking better solutions while doing the right thing for customers, employees, and the community.

The AGG1 Academy & Expo 2024 provided a forum for aggregate professionals to collaborate, learn, and innovate. With an emphasis on safety, sustainability, and technology, the event showcased how the industry is addressing some of its most pressing challenges. At Copps Industries, our similar commitments will help us partner with customers to drive positive change in the aggregates industry and beyond. Contact us or request a quote today.

Recap: MINEXCHANGE SME Annual Conference 2024

MINEXCHANGE SME Annual Conference 2024
The MINEXCHANGE SME Annual Conference & Expo brings together professionals from around the world who are involved in all aspects of mining engineering. With a variety of technical sessions, keynote speakers, an expansive expo, and hands-on opportunities for collaboration, the event features cutting-edge research and explores the most innovative solutions in the mining industry.

Copps Industries is excited to have participated in MINEXCHANGE 2024, held in Phoenix, Arizona, February 25-28. Here, we’re sharing some of the highlights and key takeaways from this year’s show.

Keynote Address: Energy is Everything

One of the standout moments of the conference was the keynote address, “Energy is Everything,” by energy expert Alex Epstein. Epstein discussed the crucial role of affordable and reliable energy in global human flourishing, particularly in developing nations. He emphasized the continued importance of coal and other fossil fuels to provide energy access worldwide, citing their significant reserves and potential to support improved energy delivery systems. This session and others sparked conversations at the conference around the future of energy grids and the challenges of achieving “net zero by 2050.”

Themes of Innovation and Responsibility

Throughout the conference, the themes of innovation and responsible mining worked their way into discussions and presentations. Attendees had a chance to advance their knowledge on reducing emissions, promoting sustainability, and enhancing safety practices in the mining industry. These themes underscore a collective commitment to meeting society’s needs while prioritizing environmental stewardship and ethical practices—values that align closely with Copps Industries’ commitment to customers.

Customer Engagement and Business Opportunities

For participating companies like ours, the conference offered valuable opportunities to connect with customers. Meeting with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and potential clients provided insights into market demands and emerging trends. Many of our discussions centered around the importance of product quality and timely delivery, reflecting the growing emphasis on sustainability and responsibility among many in the industry.

Exploring Sustainable Solutions

Like many other companies, Copps Industries actively explores sustainable solutions to meet evolving industry needs and standards. Our commitment to 100% solid, nolow volatile organic compound (VOC) products matches the industry’s efforts to mitigate emissions and enhance safety standards. Discussions at the conference also revealed opportunities to track future innovations like bulk delivery systems, which offer the potential to reduce packaging and environmental impact.

Connecting to Copps Industries Values

As part of our ongoing commitment to sustainability and customer service, Copps Industries emphasizes many of the same themes seen at MINEXCHANGE 2024. This includes our cutting-edge development of private labeling offerings and our dedication to seeking better solutions while doing the right thing for customers, employees, and the community.

The MINEXCHANGE SME Annual Conference & Expo 2024 provided a platform for industry professionals to exchange ideas, explore innovations, and create connections. From a thought-provoking keynote to engaging discussions on sustainability and responsible mining, the event showcased the collective efforts of the mining community to address some of today’s most pressing challenges. At Copps Industries, our commitment to sustainability and innovation will help us keep pace with evolving needs and partner with customers to shape the future of the mining industry.

Put the power and innovation of Copps Industries to work for you today, contact us or request a quote.

Environmental Commitment

At Copps Industries, we formulate and implement epoxy solutions for our clients—not only for performance but also for long-term environmental awareness and sustainability. We’re committed to offering green products and protecting our employees and the planet with non-toxic materials and epoxy resins. Our chemists and engineering experts are constantly innovating our products and systems to be more efficient, more environmentally friendly, and a better fit for the evolving needs of the industries we serve. 

We have eliminated the use of chlorinated solvents and flammables from our facility, improved our packaging to minimize our carbon footprint, and reformulated our epoxies with alternatives to known or suspected toxic substances. Copps Industries strives to provide economical, practical solutions that don’t sacrifice our environmental commitments, and ensure we create safe workplaces for employees.

New Headquarters in Mequon

With our commitment to excellence and reliable product development, our company continues to grow. We are moving from our location at 10600 North Industrial Drive to a larger, state-of-the-art headquarters facility at 10500 North Commerce Street, just down the road and in the same Mequon, Wisconsin, business park. This new location on a 7.7-acre lot has the space and infrastructure to allow us to continue building on our current capabilities, serving our customers with increasingly diverse, fine-tuned, and environmentally conscious product solutions.

Today, we serve over 400 clients with more than 500 epoxy products. Along with these standard product offerings, we maintain a database of over 2,500 specialized product formulations. We offer formulations for custom applications and projects as well, along with private labeling services. With our new facility, we will continue to grow our business with improved production and cost efficiency, helping our clients find the unique epoxy product formulations to best suit their needs.

New Green Products

Copps Industries is proud to offer our new green product line with the reliable performance and quality you expect from Copps Industries while improving environmental friendliness and workplace safety.

New DOT Non-Corrosive Products From Copps

These new products are rated as non-corrosive by the Department of Transportation (DOT). Not only is this useful for the end application, but it simplifies the shipping process. The paperwork is easier, and the epoxies can be shipped through standard options like UPS, FedEx, and commercial air shipping without any non-standard shipping fees for hazardous products. In fact, these products are non-regulated.

As they’re rated as non-corrosive, these epoxy products don’t have to comply with non-standard material warehouse regulations and, therefore, can be stored with lower warehouse storage costs.

Crusher Backing Products

Our non-corrosive crusher backing products are free of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), butyl glycidyl ether (BGE), and nonyl phenol2. In this product line, we provide the following options:

Machinery Grout Products

Our machinery grout products lend applications high levels of strength and vibration control. Choose from three options for simple, speedy filling, or filling deeper gaps in foundations or around machinery bases. All of the following machinery grout options are non-corrosive:


Our general-purpose, 1-1 epoxy adhesives are non-corrosive, making them safer to package, transport, and store. They can effectively bond wood, metal, glass, fiberglass, plastic, concrete, and ceramic tile.

Wear-Resistant Products

Our new regular Armor Plate-Ceramic epoxy is a DOT-approved alternative to our standard option. This ceramic-filled epoxy system offers abrasion and corrosion resistance for high-wear applications.

Construction Products

We serve construction companies with non-corrosive epoxy products for superior adhesion. Our newest products provide a complete solution for repairing structural concrete while remaining VOC- and BGE-free. Customers can apply the following manually or by automatic injection:

Concrete Flooring Products

Our epoxy flooring products can help fill cracks, gaps, and holes to leave behind a smooth surface.

Copps Products: An Environmentally Friendly Choice

Choose Copps Industries for innovative, environmentally friendly solutions made in the USA. Our comprehensive product line of composite epoxy systems is applicable in hand-laminating, infusion, filament winding, pultrusion, and resin transfer molding (RTM) to offer our global customers the versatility they need. 

Our team is committed to quality as well as the environment. As an ISO-certified custom epoxy resin formulator, we strive to provide high-performance epoxy products and custom formulation options along with superior customer service and private labeling to fully support our customers. Contact us today to learn more about our new green product line and our commitment to the environment, or request a quote to start your order.

New Facility

For more than 40 years, Copps Industries has been a leader in manufacturing high-quality epoxy resins. As we continued to grow, we saw the need for a new headquarters in order to better serve our clients around the world. It’s all part of our commitment to innovation, adding top-of-the-line equipment enhancing our capabilities and high-service level. We’re proud to introduce you to our new research and manufacturing facility in Mequon, Wisconsin.

New Headquarters in Mequon

Our current location at 10600 North Industrial Drive has served us well for many years, but we have simply outgrown it. It was time for us to move on to bigger and better things! Our new headquarters on 7.7 acres is at 10500 N. Commerce Street is just down the road in the same Mequon Business Park we are currently. The new greenfield, state-of-the-art facility showcases our focus on top quality manufacturing and new product development, where our dedicated employees are able to provide first rate customer service. 

We have more than 400 clients who depend on our 500-plus epoxy products, a database of 2,500 unique product formulations, custom formulations, as well as private labeling services. We’re thrilled to have this expanded space to produce and deliver those products more efficiently and cost-effectively.

We know we’re not done growing yet—we’ve reserved space where we can further expand our manufacturing capabilities when the time is right. That day will be here sooner than we think! Accordingly, we are carefully planning while eagerly looking forward to it.

About Copps Industries

With more than 500 epoxy products, we’ve established ourselves as a leading supplier of the most consistent, high-quality industrial epoxies. Our clients are positioned in 27 countries around the world in diverse industries like civil engineering, structural adhesives, aggregate and mining, and electronics. In addition to our standard epoxies, we offer private label and custom formulation to set your company apart and increase your competitive edge.

As an ISO 9001:2015-certified company, our mission is to exceed your expectations for product quality and attentive customer care. Moreover, we’re equally committed to lowering our carbon footprint as we are to ensuring employee safety. Our internal protocols are designed to empower employees to make the best decisions for their safety and well-being. From training to safety equipment, we provide resources to ensure our team to work with confidence. 

We pursue ongoing training and stay up-to-date with industry certifications and trends, so you can trust us to understand various industry regulations and how your epoxy products must comply. When you work with us, we enjoy a collaborative process that positions us as your partner for proven, cost-effective, and uniquely formulated epoxies. We build long-lasting relationships with our clients, and we look forward to that same partnership with you. 

The future of manufacturing is environmentally and socially responsible, wildly innovative, and made in America. We’ve been proudly formulating and manufacturing our products in the United States since 1979, and we’re leading the way in innovation and sustainability. With a solid foundation in place, we look forward to what’s next, and we’re pleased to be able to do it all in a cutting-edge facility that reflects our growth as well as our commitment to customer service. 

Next time you’re in Mequon, Wisconsin, stop by and visit us at our new headquarters. In the meantime, contact us today to request a quote or learn more about our full range of products and services, including custom epoxy solutions, to meet your unique requirements. 

Epoxy Potting Compound: What You Need to Know

Epoxy Potting CompoundElectronic assemblies need to be protected from factors like vibration, shock, thermal dissipation, moisture, and corrosive agents. This protection can be achieved through a process called potting. Potting involves the process of filling an electronic assembly with a compound that provides permanent added protection to the assembly.

There are several potting compounds to choose from, each featuring different viscosities, cure condition requirements, and other characteristics. Urethane, silicone, and epoxy are all widely used compounds. In this blog post, we will discuss everything you need to know about epoxy potting compounds.

What are Epoxy Potting Compounds?

Potting compounds are essential for electronics assemblies, providing reliable and comprehensive protection against harsh environmental conditions. Epoxy potting compounds work well in high-temperature environments, provide great moisture resistance, and offer the highest degree of mechanical strength.

Epoxy potting compounds feature a high degree of rigidity, modulus, and tensile strength. Their excellent dielectric properties make them an optimal solution for potting electrical components such as switches or transformers.

Benefits and Applications of Epoxy Potting Compounds

Potting materials used in electronics applications are typically permanent protective solutions. They play a vital role in the long-term protection of electronic assemblies and provide many benefits, such as enhanced thermal management properties and abrasion protection. Other key benefits of epoxy potting compounds include:

  • Chemical protection
  • Corrosion protection
  • Crack resistance
  • Electrical insulation
  • Enhanced mechanical strength
  • Environmental protection
  • Heat dissipation
  • Vibration and thermal shock resistance

A key advantage of epoxy potting compounds is their excellent moisture resistance, which makes them especially suitable for outdoor applications. They also have excellent adhesion, high-temperature resistance, and chemical resistance. These characteristics have led them to be used widely throughout the aerospace, automotive, and consumer electronics industries. Common applications of epoxy potting compounds include:

  • Circuit protection for oil and gas sensors
  • IP protection
  • PCB protection in commercial transportation
  • Ruggedization for LED drivers
  • Potting of transmitter components in deep-sea telecommunication cables

The low viscosity, self-leveling characteristics of many grades of epoxy compounds make them ideally suited for high-volume production applications and protecting fragile components. Several grades of epoxy potting compounds can be formulated to meet the specific requirements of different applications. These compound types range from very low to higher viscosities and feature different working times and other characteristics. For example, epoxy resins can be formulated to be thermally conductive, flame retardant, and curable at room temperature or high temperatures.

Epoxy Potting Compounds from Copps Industries

Epoxy potting compounds provide a high level of protection for electronic assemblies and can be formulated to meet the unique needs of many applications. A diverse number of industries rely on these compounds to provide long-term, comprehensive protection of delicate electronic components.

As an ISO 9001:2000 certified custom epoxy resin formulator, Copps Industries has been providing reliable epoxy solutions for over four decades. With our extensive industrial epoxy portfolio, we meet the needs of applications spanning many industries. To learn more about our selection of over 500 epoxy products, contact us or request a quote to get started on your epoxy potting compound solution.