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Environmental Commitment

At Copps Industries, we formulate and implement epoxy solutions for our clients—not only for performance but also for long-term environmental awareness and sustainability. We’re committed to offering green products and protecting our employees and the planet with non-toxic materials and epoxy resins. Our chemists and engineering experts are constantly innovating our products and systems to be more efficient, more environmentally friendly, and a better fit for the evolving needs of the industries we serve. 

We have eliminated the use of chlorinated solvents and flammables from our facility, improved our packaging to minimize our carbon footprint, and reformulated our epoxies with alternatives to known or suspected toxic substances. Copps Industries strives to provide economical, practical solutions that don’t sacrifice our environmental commitments, and ensure we create safe workplaces for employees.

New Headquarters in Mequon

With our commitment to excellence and reliable product development, our company continues to grow. We are moving from our location at 10600 North Industrial Drive to a larger, state-of-the-art headquarters facility at 10500 North Commerce Street, just down the road and in the same Mequon, Wisconsin, business park. This new location on a 7.7-acre lot has the space and infrastructure to allow us to continue building on our current capabilities, serving our customers with increasingly diverse, fine-tuned, and environmentally conscious product solutions.

Today, we serve over 400 clients with more than 500 epoxy products. Along with these standard product offerings, we maintain a database of over 2,500 specialized product formulations. We offer formulations for custom applications and projects as well, along with private labeling services. With our new facility, we will continue to grow our business with improved production and cost efficiency, helping our clients find the unique epoxy product formulations to best suit their needs.

New Green Products

Copps Industries is proud to offer our new green product line with the reliable performance and quality you expect from Copps Industries while improving environmental friendliness and workplace safety.

New DOT Non-Corrosive Products From Copps

These new products are rated as non-corrosive by the Department of Transportation (DOT). Not only is this useful for the end application, but it simplifies the shipping process. The paperwork is easier, and the epoxies can be shipped through standard options like UPS, FedEx, and commercial air shipping without any non-standard shipping fees for hazardous products. In fact, these products are non-regulated.

As they’re rated as non-corrosive, these epoxy products don’t have to comply with non-standard material warehouse regulations and, therefore, can be stored with lower warehouse storage costs.

Crusher Backing Products

Our non-corrosive crusher backing products are free of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), butyl glycidyl ether (BGE), and nonyl phenol2. In this product line, we provide the following options:

Machinery Grout Products

Our machinery grout products lend applications high levels of strength and vibration control. Choose from three options for simple, speedy filling, or filling deeper gaps in foundations or around machinery bases. All of the following machinery grout options are non-corrosive:


Our general-purpose, 1-1 epoxy adhesives are non-corrosive, making them safer to package, transport, and store. They can effectively bond wood, metal, glass, fiberglass, plastic, concrete, and ceramic tile.

Wear-Resistant Products

Our new regular Armor Plate-Ceramic epoxy is a DOT-approved alternative to our standard option. This ceramic-filled epoxy system offers abrasion and corrosion resistance for high-wear applications.

Construction Products

We serve construction companies with non-corrosive epoxy products for superior adhesion. Our newest products provide a complete solution for repairing structural concrete while remaining VOC- and BGE-free. Customers can apply the following manually or by automatic injection:

Concrete Flooring Products

Our epoxy flooring products can help fill cracks, gaps, and holes to leave behind a smooth surface.

Copps Products: An Environmentally Friendly Choice

Choose Copps Industries for innovative, environmentally friendly solutions made in the USA. Our comprehensive product line of composite epoxy systems is applicable in hand-laminating, infusion, filament winding, pultrusion, and resin transfer molding (RTM) to offer our global customers the versatility they need. 

Our team is committed to quality as well as the environment. As an ISO-certified custom epoxy resin formulator, we strive to provide high-performance epoxy products and custom formulation options along with superior customer service and private labeling to fully support our customers. Contact us today to learn more about our new green product line and our commitment to the environment, or request a quote to start your order.

New Facility

For more than 40 years, Copps Industries has been a leader in manufacturing high-quality epoxy resins. As we continued to grow, we saw the need for a new headquarters in order to better serve our clients around the world. It’s all part of our commitment to innovation, adding top-of-the-line equipment enhancing our capabilities and high-service level. We’re proud to introduce you to our new research and manufacturing facility in Mequon, Wisconsin.

New Headquarters in Mequon

Our current location at 10600 North Industrial Drive has served us well for many years, but we have simply outgrown it. It was time for us to move on to bigger and better things! Our new headquarters on 7.7 acres is at 10500 N. Commerce Street is just down the road in the same Mequon Business Park we are currently. The new greenfield, state-of-the-art facility showcases our focus on top quality manufacturing and new product development, where our dedicated employees are able to provide first rate customer service. 

We have more than 400 clients who depend on our 500-plus epoxy products, a database of 2,500 unique product formulations, custom formulations, as well as private labeling services. We’re thrilled to have this expanded space to produce and deliver those products more efficiently and cost-effectively.

We know we’re not done growing yet—we’ve reserved space where we can further expand our manufacturing capabilities when the time is right. That day will be here sooner than we think! Accordingly, we are carefully planning while eagerly looking forward to it.

About Copps Industries

With more than 500 epoxy products, we’ve established ourselves as a leading supplier of the most consistent, high-quality industrial epoxies. Our clients are positioned in 27 countries around the world in diverse industries like civil engineering, structural adhesives, aggregate and mining, and electronics. In addition to our standard epoxies, we offer private label and custom formulation to set your company apart and increase your competitive edge.

As an ISO 9001:2015-certified company, our mission is to exceed your expectations for product quality and attentive customer care. Moreover, we’re equally committed to lowering our carbon footprint as we are to ensuring employee safety. Our internal protocols are designed to empower employees to make the best decisions for their safety and well-being. From training to safety equipment, we provide resources to ensure our team to work with confidence. 

We pursue ongoing training and stay up-to-date with industry certifications and trends, so you can trust us to understand various industry regulations and how your epoxy products must comply. When you work with us, we enjoy a collaborative process that positions us as your partner for proven, cost-effective, and uniquely formulated epoxies. We build long-lasting relationships with our clients, and we look forward to that same partnership with you. 

The future of manufacturing is environmentally and socially responsible, wildly innovative, and made in America. We’ve been proudly formulating and manufacturing our products in the United States since 1979, and we’re leading the way in innovation and sustainability. With a solid foundation in place, we look forward to what’s next, and we’re pleased to be able to do it all in a cutting-edge facility that reflects our growth as well as our commitment to customer service. 

Next time you’re in Mequon, Wisconsin, stop by and visit us at our new headquarters. In the meantime, contact us today to request a quote or learn more about our full range of products and services, including custom epoxy solutions, to meet your unique requirements. 

Epoxy Potting Compound: What You Need to Know

Epoxy Potting CompoundElectronic assemblies need to be protected from factors like vibration, shock, thermal dissipation, moisture, and corrosive agents. This protection can be achieved through a process called potting. Potting involves the process of filling an electronic assembly with a compound that provides permanent added protection to the assembly.

There are several potting compounds to choose from, each featuring different viscosities, cure condition requirements, and other characteristics. Urethane, silicone, and epoxy are all widely used compounds. In this blog post, we will discuss everything you need to know about epoxy potting compounds.

What are Epoxy Potting Compounds?

Potting compounds are essential for electronics assemblies, providing reliable and comprehensive protection against harsh environmental conditions. Epoxy potting compounds work well in high-temperature environments, provide great moisture resistance, and offer the highest degree of mechanical strength.

Epoxy potting compounds feature a high degree of rigidity, modulus, and tensile strength. Their excellent dielectric properties make them an optimal solution for potting electrical components such as switches or transformers.

Benefits and Applications of Epoxy Potting Compounds

Potting materials used in electronics applications are typically permanent protective solutions. They play a vital role in the long-term protection of electronic assemblies and provide many benefits, such as enhanced thermal management properties and abrasion protection. Other key benefits of epoxy potting compounds include:

  • Chemical protection
  • Corrosion protection
  • Crack resistance
  • Electrical insulation
  • Enhanced mechanical strength
  • Environmental protection
  • Heat dissipation
  • Vibration and thermal shock resistance

A key advantage of epoxy potting compounds is their excellent moisture resistance, which makes them especially suitable for outdoor applications. They also have excellent adhesion, high-temperature resistance, and chemical resistance. These characteristics have led them to be used widely throughout the aerospace, automotive, and consumer electronics industries. Common applications of epoxy potting compounds include:

  • Circuit protection for oil and gas sensors
  • IP protection
  • PCB protection in commercial transportation
  • Ruggedization for LED drivers
  • Potting of transmitter components in deep-sea telecommunication cables

The low viscosity, self-leveling characteristics of many grades of epoxy compounds make them ideally suited for high-volume production applications and protecting fragile components. Several grades of epoxy potting compounds can be formulated to meet the specific requirements of different applications. These compound types range from very low to higher viscosities and feature different working times and other characteristics. For example, epoxy resins can be formulated to be thermally conductive, flame retardant, and curable at room temperature or high temperatures.

Epoxy Potting Compounds from Copps Industries

Epoxy potting compounds provide a high level of protection for electronic assemblies and can be formulated to meet the unique needs of many applications. A diverse number of industries rely on these compounds to provide long-term, comprehensive protection of delicate electronic components.

As an ISO 9001:2000 certified custom epoxy resin formulator, Copps Industries has been providing reliable epoxy solutions for over four decades. With our extensive industrial epoxy portfolio, we meet the needs of applications spanning many industries. To learn more about our selection of over 500 epoxy products, contact us or request a quote to get started on your epoxy potting compound solution.