In a world where innovation drives progress, industries from automotive to marine to aerospace are constantly seeking ways to elevate their performance. At Copps Industries, we’re focused on understanding the evolving needs of our customers and developing advanced composite epoxy solutions that empower them to stay ahead of the curve in their fields.

Here, we’re exploring trends in each industry and real-world applications that influence the most important features industry leaders look for in composites across land, sea, and air.

Land: The Automotive Industry

In the automotive sector, performance and sustainability are paramount. Copps Industries’ composite epoxy solutions help drive advancements in both motorsports and OEM applications.

  • Advanced performance: Especially in high-performance motorsports, there’s a high demand for lightweight solutions that enhance performance. Our composite epoxies offer unparalleled durability and NVH (noise, vibration, and harshness) performance. By replacing metallic components with lightweight composites, manufacturers can achieve significant weight savings without sacrificing performance.
  • Increased production capability: OEMs that produce hundreds of thousands of parts per year per vehicle line are looking for new processing techniques to increase their capabilities. We meet this need with rapid-cure epoxy resins that enable faster production rates without compromising on quality.

    Beyond leveraging rapid cure materials, manufacturers are also improving their processing times through automation. In many cases, our partnership with customers extends beyond supplying materials to include consult on process optimization that can help them enhance their capabilities and meet their production goals.
  • Recyclability: Environmental impact is a growing concern across industries, including the automotive sector. In automotive applications, the average life of materials is around 12 years. We actively work towards sustainable solutions, collaborating with stakeholders to repurpose materials and streamline their integration into parts for next-generation vehicles. By recycling and repurposing materials, manufacturers are shaping a more sustainable future.

Sea: The Marine Industry

In the marine sector, quality, performance, and cost-effectiveness top the list of the industry’s demands. Copps Industries delivers on all fronts with advanced composite epoxy solutions.

  • Quality and performance: One significant shift in the marine industry is the move from polyester to vinyl ester resins, which have an epoxy base. These resins offer superior mechanical performance and reduced shrinkage, making them ideal for marine applications. Our epoxy solutions align with this trend, providing unmatched performance without losing quality.
  • Faster, more repeatable processes: The transition from open mold to closed mold processing is revolutionizing marine manufacturing. Our rapid cure systems streamline production, reducing post-processing time and increasing efficiency. And with fewer defects and less scrap, manufacturers can achieve higher yields and lower production costs.
  • Sustainability: As stricter regulations emerge around the use of VOC products, our epoxy solutions have become a preferred choice in the marine sector. And in an era of rising raw material prices, the switch to epoxy can provide improved performance with less of an increase in cost. Through compliance and enhanced performance, we help customers maintain competitiveness in the market.

Air: The Aerospace Industry

In the aerospace sector, the focus is on lightweight solutions, performance, and durability. Copps Industries helps customers in this sector through formulations that meet the strict requirements of aerospace applications.

  • Lightweight solutions: Aerospace demands materials that offer significant weight savings without compromising performance. Even a marginal weight reduction translates into significant cost savings. In fact, saving just one pound in weight might equate to $20,000 in savings over the lifespan of an aircraft. The industry’s relentless pursuit of lightweight solutions is driving the adoption of innovative materials, which we continually help them explore. 
  • New methods of processing: The aerospace industry is in constant pursuit of improvement in both materials and processes. From crafting advanced resin formulations to exploring new filament winding methods, we’re helping customers achieve quicker production and shorter lead times. Our collaboration with industry leaders in aerospace underscores our commitment to partnering with customers to advance not only their materials but also their processes.
  • Durability and strength: Durability and strength are critical considerations in aerospace applications. Our composite epoxy solutions meet the rigorous demands of aerospace environments, and by continuously advancing our resin formulations, we help customers achieve new levels of performance and reliability.

Copps Industries: Driving Innovation Across Sectors

Copps Industries is proud to drive innovation across the automotive, marine, and aerospace sectors with our lineup of composite epoxy solutions. By continuously pushing the boundaries of product development, we empower manufacturers to achieve new levels of quality and performance. Whether you’re looking for advanced performance in automotive applications, sustainable solutions for marine manufacturing, or lightweight materials for aerospace advancements, Copps Industries can help.  Contact us to discuss your specific needs, explore potential solutions, or request a quote. Together, we can conquer innovation by land, sea, and air. 

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