As the lifeblood of progress in any industry, innovation propels business, drives growth and reshapes possibilities.

At Copps Industries, innovation is evident in the epoxy solutions we’ve developed for over 400 customers in 27 countries. But it’s also apparent in how we do business as well.

From everyday interactions to unique, private-label formulations, we invest time, expertise, and people power in the pursuit of better solutions for those we serve. To earn trust. And to always do what’s in the best interest of our customers, employees, and the environment.

3 Reasons “Why” Copps Industries

A reliable name in epoxies since 1979, today we’re among a select group of innovators capable of offering (and supporting) proven, economical, and uniquely formulated systems for markets including:

  • Aggregate/Mining
  • Civil Engineering
  • Structural Adhesives
  • Electrical/Electronics
  • Composites / Carbon Fiber

1. We Can Be Your Virtual Chemist

When the ideal epoxy solution you need today isn’t already on our shelves – or not within your company’s capabilities to develop right now – count on Copps to be your “virtual chemist.”

It’s how we empower companies to explore the best solution possible – to zero in on what’s necessary and not just available – with zero additional upfront investment. What’s more, with Copps as your virtual chemist you don’t just get the formulation to meet a specific challenge. You get the power and expertise of our entire company, from top to bottom and start to finish, including:

  • Product development
  • Quality Control/Assurance
  • Custom Product Formulation Modules
  • Fully Equipped Testing and Analytical Laboratory
  • Environmentally Responsible Chemical Management
  • Complete Customer and Technical Service Support
  • Manufacturing, Packaging, and Labeling
  • Direct Shipping

2. The Power Of Private Label

The benefits of private labeling are well documented: key performance standards like customization, brand identity, and quality control to name just a few. 

But having evolved over the decades from a single product line manufacturer to one of the premier OEM and private label providers, the benefits of working with Copps go beyond just what gets put in the bottle, including:

  • No Research and Development Costs
  • No Fixed Costs
  • Regulatory and Environmental Compliance 
  • No Expensive Start-up Costs
  • No Manufacturing Costs
  • Export Shipping Compliance

Bottom line is, working with the Copps Private Label Program is a powerful tool that can improve your bottom line without risk. Because everything we can do for you is covered in the price of your product. 

Why? Because it’s how we do business. And because your success is our success. To get to our promise, our path includes:

INNOVATIVE MARKET-PROVEN PRODUCTS – Over 2,500 formulations immediately available as-is or readily modified to meet your requirements.

CUSTOM PRODUCT FORMULATIONS – Comprehensive in-house research, development, testing, and prototyping capabilities enable us to formulate products to your precise specifications. All with rapid turnaround.

A BETTER WAY TO GET TO MARKET – Whether you select from our large inventory of market-ready products or customize with our chemists, our turnkey program significantly shortens time to market and greatly increase your ROI.

A SOLUTION FOR EVERY SIZE – Whatever size your company is, whatever circumstances you’re operating under (i.e., downsizing, restructuring, or hampered by limited manufacturing or design capability) we’re the solution.

JUST WHAT YOU NEED – Our experts assess all aspects of your product(s) requirement. Product development, production parameters, specifications, packaging, and labeling details are all evaluated to ensure regulatory compliance. And market success.

TOTAL CONFIDENTIALITY – Backed by our proven track record for compliance, maintenance, and performance around the world. All pertinent documentation and product furnished by Copps is controlled by our state-of-the-art ERP computer software system.

The only question left to ask is simple: What is it costing your company to not private label with Copps?

3. A True Commitment To The Environment

The epoxy solutions we formulate for our customers don’t just have to perform on the job to our exacting standards. They must meet our sustainability standards for the health and well-being of our customers, our people, and the planet we share.

  • NO Corrosives
  • DOT Non-Corrosive
  • Non-corrosive = Improved User Safety
  • Easy Shipping Paperwork
  • Readily UPS shippable
  • Air Shipments
  • Reduced Shipping Costs
  • Warehouse Storage with No Corrosive Fees
  • Eliminates hazardous materials storage / warehouse regulations / improves worker safety

From the removal of all flammables and chlorinated solvents in our plant, to re-formulating core products replacing known or suspected toxic ingredients, to the continual upgrading of our packaging – we stand on the promise to always evaluate new information and seek better solutions.  We never had to “become” environmentally conscious. We started out that way.

Your Success Is Our Success

As a company, we’re guided by the commitments we keep – to those we work with as well as where we live. Our goal at the beginning of every relationship is to provide the type of experience other companies can’t (or aren’t willing) to deliver. 

Innovation. It’s well-documented in the better epoxy solutions we create to meet the highest performance standards in the evolving industries we serve. It’s also in how we create those solutions, and how we operate day in and day out with the people we serve. 

Are you ready to put the power of innovation and private labeling with Copps to work for you? Connect with us today.

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