MINEXCHANGE SME Annual Conference 2024
The MINEXCHANGE SME Annual Conference & Expo brings together professionals from around the world who are involved in all aspects of mining engineering. With a variety of technical sessions, keynote speakers, an expansive expo, and hands-on opportunities for collaboration, the event features cutting-edge research and explores the most innovative solutions in the mining industry.

Copps Industries is excited to have participated in MINEXCHANGE 2024, held in Phoenix, Arizona, February 25-28. Here, we’re sharing some of the highlights and key takeaways from this year’s show.

Keynote Address: Energy is Everything

One of the standout moments of the conference was the keynote address, “Energy is Everything,” by energy expert Alex Epstein. Epstein discussed the crucial role of affordable and reliable energy in global human flourishing, particularly in developing nations. He emphasized the continued importance of coal and other fossil fuels to provide energy access worldwide, citing their significant reserves and potential to support improved energy delivery systems. This session and others sparked conversations at the conference around the future of energy grids and the challenges of achieving “net zero by 2050.”

Themes of Innovation and Responsibility

Throughout the conference, the themes of innovation and responsible mining worked their way into discussions and presentations. Attendees had a chance to advance their knowledge on reducing emissions, promoting sustainability, and enhancing safety practices in the mining industry. These themes underscore a collective commitment to meeting society’s needs while prioritizing environmental stewardship and ethical practices—values that align closely with Copps Industries’ commitment to customers.

Customer Engagement and Business Opportunities

For participating companies like ours, the conference offered valuable opportunities to connect with customers. Meeting with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and potential clients provided insights into market demands and emerging trends. Many of our discussions centered around the importance of product quality and timely delivery, reflecting the growing emphasis on sustainability and responsibility among many in the industry.

Exploring Sustainable Solutions

Like many other companies, Copps Industries actively explores sustainable solutions to meet evolving industry needs and standards. Our commitment to 100% solid, nolow volatile organic compound (VOC) products matches the industry’s efforts to mitigate emissions and enhance safety standards. Discussions at the conference also revealed opportunities to track future innovations like bulk delivery systems, which offer the potential to reduce packaging and environmental impact.

Connecting to Copps Industries Values

As part of our ongoing commitment to sustainability and customer service, Copps Industries emphasizes many of the same themes seen at MINEXCHANGE 2024. This includes our cutting-edge development of private labeling offerings and our dedication to seeking better solutions while doing the right thing for customers, employees, and the community.

The MINEXCHANGE SME Annual Conference & Expo 2024 provided a platform for industry professionals to exchange ideas, explore innovations, and create connections. From a thought-provoking keynote to engaging discussions on sustainability and responsible mining, the event showcased the collective efforts of the mining community to address some of today’s most pressing challenges. At Copps Industries, our commitment to sustainability and innovation will help us keep pace with evolving needs and partner with customers to shape the future of the mining industry.

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