• Low viscosity
  • Single coat application
  • ASTM C-881, Type III, Grade 1 Compliant
  • Low modulus
  • User-friendly mix ratio
  • Epoxy concrete overlay compliant

High Friction Surface Binder (HFSB) is a 100% solids, self-leveling, primerless, low odor, epoxy coating designed to increase friction of road pavements and other surfaces by encapsulation of high friction fillers or aggregate.

The HFSB provides a convenient work life, rapid tack free time, and adhesion to road pavement materials.

The HFSB can be easily applied with a squeegee or automated methods. Normal application thickness is 30-50 mils (0.76-1.27 mm) of mixed epoxy liquids immediately followed by an aggregate broadcast to refusal. Application thickness varies depending on the porosity and roughness of the surface, and size of the aggregate used. Multiple applications may be used to obtain the desired profile.