Epoxy Grout for Extreme Moisture and Strength Requirements

CR-180 is a two-component, 100% solids epoxy resin system specifically developed for crane rail and other severe applications, where exposure to extreme loads, elevated temperatures and wet environments shortens the service time of “standard” grouts. CR-180 has excellent chemical resistance and retains physical properties even if totally immersed in water. It is resistant to most fuels, oils, chemicals and water, making it ideal for heavy industrial use. CR-180 combines high strength, easy mixing, self-leveling pouring with rapid strength development. CR-180 blends into a self-leveling grout that will easily fill cracks and voids in concrete. CR-180 is specifically designed to carry heavy loads without shrinking or cracking. Heavy-duty crane rails set in CR-180 last up to ten times longer than conventional grouts.