General Purpose, Three-Part, High Strength, Flowable, DOT Non-Corrosive Epoxy Grout for Pours Up to 8” (20.3 cm)

  • Deep grouting of large machine bases
  • Deep repairs in foundations
  • Setting large leveling wedges
  • Concrete alternative for critical machine settings
  • Setting large sole plates
  • Economical large volume applications

REDBAC Non-Corrosive Deep Pour 3CE Grout is a DOT Non-Corrosive Version of our standard Deep Pour 3CE Grout. The three component, 100% solids, VOC and BGE1 free, epoxy resin system is designed specifically for pours up to 8″ (20.3 cm). Non-Corrosive Deep Pour 3CE offers the same rapid strength development, excellent flow characteristics, and minimal shrinkage. Non-Corrosive Deep Pour 3CE flows into spaces under machines, fills completely before solidifying and is self leveling. It will survive impact and vibration equal to reinforced rubber materials and will not delaminate under the most severe shock loads.