In the ever-evolving landscape of industrial solutions, Copps Industries stands out for our dedication to innovation and customer-centricity. With a commitment to meeting unique customer needs, our team continually pushes the boundaries in product development.

Copps Chemicals

Copps Industries’ portfolio of products includes a range of solutions tailored to diverse industrial needs. From grouts to wearing compounds, each product reflects our commitment to quality, safety, and innovation. Many of these products have been developed in direct response to specific customer demands, emphasizing our agility and responsiveness to market needs.

One example is Copps XP-3000, a non-corrosive version of our ultimate crusher backing material, XP-2000. Designed to tackle the most challenging crushing conditions—ranging from gyratories to wet crushing environments—XP-3000 is a testament to our pursuit of excellence. Unlike its predecessors, XP-3000 is free from harmful substances like BGE1, VOCs, or Nonyl Phenol, giving it a DOT non-corrosive classification. 

The difference between DOT and non-DOT classification lies in transportation regulations and safety standards. Certain products must meet Department of Transportation regulations for the safe transport of hazardous materials. These regulations mandate specific packaging, labeling, and handling requirements. DOT non-corrosive products, like XP-3000, contain substances that don’t require compliance with DOT corrosive chemical regulations. This classification simplifies logistics, reduces shipping costs, and ensures safer handling throughout the supply chain, providing customers with added peace of mind and cost savings.

The development of XP-3000 emerged from our deep understanding of the broad spectrum of customer requirements. Conceived to address the urgent needs of clients facing unforeseen situations, its ability to be airfreighted provided a solution to pressing delivery demands. Our ability to anticipate and respond to unique customer needs is tied to our ethos of constant innovation and adaptability.

Beyond XP-3000, our family of DOT non-corrosive products include:

  • Non-Corrosive QFG epoxy grout (K-020): A DOT non-corrosive version of our REDBAC Quick-Fill Grout specifically formulated to address environmental, workplace safety, and shipping concerns.
  • Non-Corrosive Deep Pour 3CE epoxy grout (K-840): A DOT non-corrosive version of our standard Deep Pour 3CE Grout specifically designed for pours up to 8 feet.
  • Non-Corrosive Armor Plate-Ceramic wearing compound (K-046): A DOT non-corrosive version of our standard Armor Plate-Ceramic specifically designed to resist abrasive wear and corrosion in high wear areas.


These products have been formulated and reformulated to ensure top performance and top quality. Their DOT non-corrosive classification simplifies logistics, reduces costs, and serves as an example of our proactive approach to problem-solving. 

At Copps Industries, it’s not just about the product; it’s about the philosophy driving its creation. We continually explore avenues for improvement, whether it’s through refining existing formulations or venturing into uncharted territories.

Copps Industries is more than just a supplier of products; we stand at the forefront of innovation and product development. As industries evolve and needs emerge, we pledge to continue pushing boundaries and advancing industry standards. Get in touch today to learn more, or request a quote to get started on your order.

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