Clear epoxies are commonly used for applications ranging from bars and tabletops to jewelry and crafts, enhancing protection and adding a glossy finish. But despite their popularity, it can be tough to determine the best epoxy type for your project.

The two most common types of epoxies are tabletop epoxies and casting epoxies. While the two are similar, they each have unique properties and ideal uses. Understanding the differences will help you choose the right solution for your project.

Let’s take a look at these two popular epoxies, starting with their different characteristics and applications.

Tabletop Epoxy vs. Casting Epoxy

Two of the most popular Diamond Clear Epoxy are tabletop epoxy and casting epoxy. The two share similarities but are different to work with and meant for different applications.

Tabletop Epoxy

As the name implies, tabletop epoxy is best for pouring over flat surfaces like tabletops, bars, counters, or resin art. It is a self-leveling epoxy meant for thin pours, typically 1/4″ thick or less. Pour thickness may vary depending on the application, but using tabletop epoxy for embedding thick objects requires multiple applications and several hours.

With its recommended 1:1 mixture ratio, tabletop epoxy is user-friendly for beginners and professionals. The main advantages of tabletop epoxy over casting epoxy include its higher viscosity and a faster cure time of 12-24 hours. 

Casting Epoxy

Also known as deep pour resin, casting epoxy is used for thick pours up to 2″. Casting epoxy is commonly used for river tables, embedding and encasing objects, jewelry, and more. It has a lower viscosity than tabletop epoxy and a slower cure rate of 24-36 hours.

The longer cure time of casting epoxy allows for a longer working time, but care must be taken to prevent dust and debris from settling into the resin. The typical mixture ratio for casting epoxies is 2:1, although some manufacturers offer variations with a 1:1 or 3:1 ratio.

Advantages of Diamond Clear Epoxy

  • Blush Resistance: Diamond Clear Epoxy does not blush or sweat even in high humidity conditions.
  • Yellowing Resistance: UV-absorbing additives prevent Diamond Clear Epoxy from yellowing, which significantly prolongs the life of the product.
  • Stabilizers: Our Diamond Clear Epoxy formulations incorporate stabilizers to meet commercial-grade performance expectations.
  • High-Gloss Transparency: The formula for Diamond Clear Epoxy cures with a high-gloss, transparent finish. This polished appearance can usually be achieved with three coats or less.
  • Simplified Mix Ratios: Simple mix ratios make Diamond Clear Epoxy easy to measure and mix. This reduces the risk of errors that may affect the finished product.
  • Tough Surface Protection: Formulated to tough industrial standards, Diamond Clear Epoxy creates indestructible surfaces for your project. It results in long-lasting, maintenance-free surface protection that resists scratching and distortion.
  • Wood Adhesion: Ideal for porous materials, Diamond Clear Epoxy protects surfaces while accentuating wood’s natural features.
  • DOT Non-Hazardous Formulations: Diamond Clear Epoxy complies with DOT non-hazardous formulations for safety and ease of shipping.

Remember, no matter which epoxy you choose for your project, it’s important to read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Mistakes can make a big impact on the aesthetics and performance of your finished product.

Diamond Clear Epoxy from Copps Industries

Copps Industries’ Diamond Clear Epoxy line of products was specially formulated with our customers’ unique range of projects in mind. These epoxies can help you create beautiful, clear finishes quickly and easily, whether you’re sealing a bar top, creating a river table, or adding gloss to crafts or jewelry. 

Our top two varieties of clear epoxy are Diamond Clear Epoxy Coat Tabletop and Diamond Clear Epoxy Casting. Our Diamond Clear Epoxies are self-leveling, primer-less, odorless, and always water-clear. They’re easy to apply using foam brushes, rollers, or squeegees.

To learn more about our line of Diamond Clear Epoxy, or to get started on your epoxy solution, contact us or request a quote today.

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