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  1. Repair Cracks in Concrete with Our Epoxy Concrete Floor Patch, Coatings, or Joint Fillers

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    Copps Industries offers a wide line of products to aid in concrete maintenance in industrial settings. Regardless of the severity of your flooring, our line of industrial concrete floor resurfacers, fillers, and coatings can help you restore your floor to a safe and operable condition.

    Copps provides several preventative maintenance options for concrete flooring. From coatings and patching to joint fillers, you can rely on our line of products to keep your concrete floors in top condition and help mitigate the effects of damage. Our concrete floor coatings and resurfacers have been successfully installed in a variety of environments, including:

    • Chemical processing
    • Power generation
    • Tool and die
    • Pulp and paper
    • Food and beverages

    Floor Patch, Coatings, and Joint Fillers for Concrete

    Oftentimes it is difficult to prevent scratches, spills, and other accidents that happen on the job, but taking regular steps to keep your concrete flooring in good condition can help to keep your team and facility safe. Keeping up with routine cleaning is critical to maintaining flooring that’s aesthetically and structurally sound, but what about when chips and cracks turn up? It’s important to use trusted, quality products to make repairs and prolong the life of your concrete flooring.

    Copps offers several options for maintenance and upkeep, including the Armorgard line of coatings. These coatings have been specifically engineered to resurface and protect concrete floors in a variety of industrial settings. The solutions have been developed to reduce the yellowing effect that occurs with most conventional epoxy systems.

    Whether you need flooring that can stand up to foot traffic, organic acids, or harsh chemicals, there’s an Armorgard option to suit your needs. The Armorgard collection offers a range of benefits, including:

    • Good chemical resistance
    • Odorless
    • Good adhesion to other materials (wood, metals, etc.)
    • 100% solids
    • USDA approval
    • Fast walk-on times

    Copps also manufactures several concrete joint fillers ideal for a variety of industries. These products control the normal shrinkage cracking that occurs in most concrete. Our joint filler products include:

    FlexFill 60 Joint Filler (K-057)

    Specifically designed to fill saw cut control and contraction joints. Offers excellent durability, high resiliency, and bonds to most construction materials.

    FlexFill 80 Joint Filler (K-554)

    Two-component, rapid-setting solution designed to support joint edges and prevent edge deterioration. Aids in the prevention of contamination and water penetration.

    FlexFill 90 Joint Filler (K-560)

    Bonds tightly to the sides of concrete joints in order to prevent contaminant and water penetration. Designed to reduce joint filler sinkers, which saves money and time.


    We also offer the K-002 Concrete Floor Patch for to repair concrete that’s spalled, broken, or loose. Through a combination of joint edge rebuilding work and patching, damaged concrete floors can look as good as new with minimal work.

    The K-002 is a three-component, 100% solid, trowel-able system specifically engineered to simplify the concrete floor repair process. The patch can adhere to a variety of construction materials, including steel, aluminum, wood, and asphalt. Following proper surface preparation, it can be utilized on new or old concrete.

    How to Repair Concrete with Our Epoxy Floor Patch

    Repairing concrete using Copps’ epoxy floor patch is easy for concrete repair novices and professionals alike. In just five steps, your concrete flooring can go from a cracked and damage disaster zone to looking as good as new:

    1. Clean the damaged area. Vacuum the crack or holes. Ensure no loose particles are present.
    2. Apply mortar repair. Use a steel trowel; use a caulking tube to fill in small cracks.
    3. Mix patching material. Mix a batch of patching material according to manufacturer instructions.
    4. Patch holes and/or missing segments of concrete. Use a trowel to push the patch material into holes. Smooth patches out after filling with trowel.
    5. Seal the patch (optional). Use concrete sealer to topcoat the patch.


    When concrete flooring is damaged, it’s not just an eyesore—it can be dangerous and structurally unsound. Taking the time to perform regular maintenance and fix issues as they arise is the key to avoiding safety hazards and maintaining a professional work environment.

    Copps Industries offers our clients a range of products to make concrete repair a cost-effective and simple process. To view all of our products for concrete repair, please visit our Concrete Maintenance page. For more information or questions about our line of products, please contact us or request a quote.



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