K-070 Crete Patch is a versatile three component, 100% solids epoxy with a stiff, non-sag consistency that trowels easily on vertical or overhead surfaces. K-070 patches a wide variety of materials.

K-070 Crete Patch adheres tightly to concrete, asphalt, wood, aluminum, steel, and most other construction materials. It bonds tightly to wet surfaces, working even underwater. It is resistant to impact – reducing chipping and spalling – and will not shrink, crack, or become brittle with age. A high compressive strength – 7,000 psi – means K-070 Crete Patch withstands heavy loads. It finishes to a textured surface that is slip and abrasion resistant.

K-070 is used to patch or repair cracked, spalled or corroded surfaces. Because it is a smooth, non-sag paste, K-070 may be applied to vertical, horizontal, or curved surfaces. K-070 Crete Patch may be used to make wet or dry repairs to pipes, pumps, valves, and tanks, including swimming pools. In addition, it will repair worn concrete or blacktop.