Grouting Machinery Base Plates 101

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In the manufacturing sector, heavy machinery needs to be secured to the concrete below to ensure that it is firmly in place and will provide optimal performance. The mounting process typically involves mounting soleplates/baseplates directly to the concrete below. The grouting of machine baseplates and bearing plates, and of anchoring alignment equipment to a foundation […]

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Repair Cracks in Concrete with Our Epoxy Concrete Floor Patch, Coatings, or Joint Fillers

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Copps Industries offers a wide line of products to aid in concrete maintenance in industrial settings. Regardless of the severity of your flooring, our line of industrial concrete floor resurfacers, fillers, and coatings can help you restore your floor to a safe and operable condition. Copps provides several preventative maintenance options for concrete flooring. From […]

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Epoxy Resins with Carbon Fiber: The Perfect Match!

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Composites + Epoxy Resins = Results! Epoxies are thermoset resins—polymers that result from curing liquid polymers into irreversibly hardened materials. They see frequent use when manufacturing composite parts and structures thanks to the host of benefits they provide, such as: Exceptional adhesion properties High adaptability Low shrinkage High strength Excellent resistance to corrosive liquids and environments […]

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Welcome to the Official Blog of Copps Industries

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